Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase 12 Update on a new Mac M1 computer

Hi, just purchased a new Mac M1 computer and want to upgrade from Cubase 11 Pro to 12 Pro.

Do I have to install Cubase 11 Pro (with the eLicenser) first, then upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro (Activation Manager)? Or just install the eLicenser software (to make sure the Cubase 11 license is resident on the new computer), with Download Manager put my Download Access Code to upgrade the license and download the full Cubase 12 Pro software?

My goal is to install Cubase 12 Pro on the new computer and not have to install Cubase 11.



You don’t have to install Cubase 11. But you have to install the eLicenser application.

Thank you Martin,

I was hoping this was the case as I need the other Steinberg licenses. My Cubase 11 computer really needs to be cleaned up before upgrading it.

Thanks again, Bob