Cubase pro 11 und focusrite clarett 4 pre USB Audio Aussetzer PC Windows 10

Hallo, wer weiß einen Rat für folgendes Problem:
PC ist für Audio optimiert, Sample Rate bei Cubase DAW und Interface ist identisch eingestellt. Es läuft alles erst prima, aber nach ca 10 bis 45 Minuten ist plötzlich das Audiosignal weg.
Nachdem ich alles neu starte (einschließlich PC), sonst nichts ändere, funktioniert es wieder eine zeitlang.
Eine andere und schnellere aber merkwürdige Möglichkeit um weiter zu arbeiten habe ich rausbekommen: Ich verstelle die Samplerrate im Clarett Focustite Control - (obwohl sie richtig steht und mit den Einstellungen in der DAW Cubase 11 wie vorher, als es lief übereinstimmt) - erst mal kurz auf eine falsche, dann wieder zurück zur richtigen Einstellung. Dann funktioniert es auch ohne Neustart wieder eine zeitlang wie vorher.
Aber mit diesen Unterbrechungen kann man nicht arbeiten, es passiert beim Aufnehmen, beim Abhören oder sonst irgendwann mittendrin beim Bearbeiten.
Hat jemand Erfahrung damit, oder Vorschläge zur Hilfe? Danke
Steinberg support reagiert seit längerer Zeit nicht.


This is English forum here…

I would recommend to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size. Please double-check, if there is no update of your Audio Device driver.

Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Hello Martin,
thanks for answer and sorry, I’m new here. Now in English:
Audo Device Driver is up to date, buffersize is set large.
LatencyMon i test, it says is problem, but i dont´t understand what problem.

Hello, who knows some advice for the following problem:
The PC is optimized for audio, the sample rate for Cubase DAW and interface is set identically. Everything works fine at first, but after about 10 to 45 minutes the audio signal is suddenly gone.
After I restart everything (including the PC) and nothing else, it works again for a while.
I found out another and faster but strange way to continue working: I adjust the sampler rate in the Clarett Focustite Control - (although it is correct and matches the settings in the DAW Cubase 11 as before when it was running) - for a moment to a wrong, then back to the correct setting. Then it works again for a while as before, even without restarting.
But I can’t work with these interruptions, it happens when recording, listening or at some point in the middle of editing.
Does anyone have any experience with it or have any suggestions for help?


What problems did the LatencyMon reported, please?

Could you find out, what happens in the 10 to 45 minutes? Does your system switch to other mode, something with the disk sleep ro does any application start to do something…?

Hi Martin,
i couldn´t not found out whtat happens, no sleep or something, i see no application start.
Here is LatencyMon report:


Your system seems to be having difficulty handling real-time audio and other tasks. You may experience drop outs, clicks or pops due to buffer underruns. One or more DPC routines that belong to a driver running in your system appear to be executing for too long. One problem may be related to power management, disable CPU throttling settings in Control Panel and BIOS setup. Check for BIOS updates.
LatencyMon has been analyzing your system for 3:05:03 (h:mm:ss) on all processors.


Computer name: DESKTOP-7VMG3MO
OS version: Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 18363 (x64)
Hardware: XPS 8930, Dell Inc., 0T2HR0
CPU: GenuineIntel Intel® Core™ i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz
Logical processors: 8
Processor groups: 1
RAM: 16189 MB total


Reported CPU speed: 30 MHz

Note: reported execution times may be calculated based on a fixed reported CPU speed. Disable variable speed settings like Intel Speed Step and AMD Cool N Quiet in the BIOS setup for more accurate results.

WARNING: the CPU speed that was measured is only a fraction of the CPU speed reported. Your CPUs may be throttled back due to variable speed settings and thermal issues. It is suggested that you run a utility which reports your actual CPU frequency and temperature.


This value represents the maximum measured latency of a perodically scheduled kernel timer.

Highest measured kernel timer latency (µs): 1271,70


Interrupt service routines are routines installed by the OS and device drivers that execute in response to a hardware interrupt signal.

Highest ISR routine execution time (µs): 795,304667
Driver with highest ISR routine execution time: dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation

Highest reported total ISR routine time (%): 0,090490
Driver with highest ISR total time: dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation

Total time spent in ISRs (%) 0,094198

ISR count (execution time <250 µs): 3373869
ISR count (execution time 250-500 µs): 0
ISR count (execution time 500-999 µs): 346
ISR count (execution time 1000-1999 µs): 0
ISR count (execution time 2000-3999 µs): 0
ISR count (execution time >=4000 µs): 0


DPC routines are part of the interrupt servicing dispatch mechanism and disable the possibility for a process to utilize the CPU while it is interrupted until the DPC has finished execution.

Highest DPC routine execution time (µs): 1194,217667
Driver with highest DPC routine execution time: nvlddmkm.sys - NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 451.67 , NVIDIA Corporation

Highest reported total DPC routine time (%): 0,073751
Driver with highest DPC total execution time: Wdf01000.sys - Kernelmodustreiber-Frameworklaufzeit, Microsoft Corporation

Total time spent in DPCs (%) 0,130709

DPC count (execution time <250 µs): 8400460
DPC count (execution time 250-500 µs): 0
DPC count (execution time 500-999 µs): 2886
DPC count (execution time 1000-1999 µs): 3
DPC count (execution time 2000-3999 µs): 0
DPC count (execution time >=4000 µs): 0


Hard pagefaults are events that get triggered by making use of virtual memory that is not resident in RAM but backed by a memory mapped file on disk. The process of resolving the hard pagefault requires reading in the memory from disk while the process is interrupted and blocked from execution.

NOTE: some processes were hit by hard pagefaults. If these were programs producing audio, they are likely to interrupt the audio stream resulting in dropouts, clicks and pops. Check the Processes tab to see which programs were hit.

Process with highest pagefault count: mcshield.exe

Total number of hard pagefaults 1498
Hard pagefault count of hardest hit process: 561
Number of processes hit: 38


CPU 0 Interrupt cycle time (s): 249,454687
CPU 0 ISR highest execution time (µs): 795,304667
CPU 0 ISR total execution time (s): 83,670723
CPU 0 ISR count: 3374051
CPU 0 DPC highest execution time (µs): 1194,217667
CPU 0 DPC total execution time (s): 109,783095
CPU 0 DPC count: 6124183

CPU 1 Interrupt cycle time (s): 18,695076
CPU 1 ISR highest execution time (µs): 2,5170
CPU 1 ISR total execution time (s): 0,000157
CPU 1 ISR count: 144
CPU 1 DPC highest execution time (µs): 723,494667
CPU 1 DPC total execution time (s): 0,535210
CPU 1 DPC count: 189420

CPU 2 Interrupt cycle time (s): 16,549228
CPU 2 ISR highest execution time (µs): 1,090667
CPU 2 ISR total execution time (s): 0,000013
CPU 2 ISR count: 20
CPU 2 DPC highest execution time (µs): 331,928667
CPU 2 DPC total execution time (s): 0,74710
CPU 2 DPC count: 278898

CPU 3 Interrupt cycle time (s): 12,020610
CPU 3 ISR highest execution time (µs): 0,0
CPU 3 ISR total execution time (s): 0,0
CPU 3 ISR count: 0
CPU 3 DPC highest execution time (µs): 326,710333
CPU 3 DPC total execution time (s): 0,552824
CPU 3 DPC count: 186887

CPU 4 Interrupt cycle time (s): 29,484167
CPU 4 ISR highest execution time (µs): 0,0
CPU 4 ISR total execution time (s): 0,0
CPU 4 ISR count: 0
CPU 4 DPC highest execution time (µs): 239,665333
CPU 4 DPC total execution time (s): 3,146074
CPU 4 DPC count: 1182551

CPU 5 Interrupt cycle time (s): 15,070863
CPU 5 ISR highest execution time (µs): 0,0
CPU 5 ISR total execution time (s): 0,0
CPU 5 ISR count: 0
CPU 5 DPC highest execution time (µs): 155,4880
CPU 5 DPC total execution time (s): 0,364464
CPU 5 DPC count: 130384

CPU 6 Interrupt cycle time (s): 13,401042
CPU 6 ISR highest execution time (µs): 0,0
CPU 6 ISR total execution time (s): 0,0
CPU 6 ISR count: 0
CPU 6 DPC highest execution time (µs): 210,551333
CPU 6 DPC total execution time (s): 0,238206
CPU 6 DPC count: 80489

CPU 7 Interrupt cycle time (s): 14,687197
CPU 7 ISR highest execution time (µs): 0,0
CPU 7 ISR total execution time (s): 0,0
CPU 7 ISR count: 0
CPU 7 DPC highest execution time (µs): 336,030667
CPU 7 DPC total execution time (s): 0,733816
CPU 7 DPC count: 230537


Have you tried this?

disable CPU throttling settings in Control Panel i did before I ran lantencymon, and i controlled it again. But in Bios i don´t have, i don´t know how. BIOS updates are the latest, Dell support says.