Cubase Pro 12.0.52 GUI freeze, Windows 11

Hey there,

since yesterday Cubase Pro 12.0.52 GUI freezes completely after working for 10 to 20 seconds, first graphics stuttering then full freeze. Already on startup I can observe that it takes much longer than before to slowly build-up Cubase GUI. Never had this before with Cubase. Audio engine seems to keep running. Have to kill the task.

Have updated my OS Windows 11 to 10.0.22621 Build 22621 yesterday.

Tried re-boot, tried Cubase save mode, disabling 3rd party plugins, tried re-install, tried deletion of Cubase settings, tried disabling HiDPI. No success.

Reproducable way to trigger complete freeze on my maschine:

  1. Start Cubase 12
  2. create instrument track
  3. record MIDI
  4. Double-Click on MIDI event to edit → FREEZE
  5. Select a MIDI event and activate the Lower Zone (ALT+CMD+B) → FREEZE

And for existing projects where MIDI edits have been done before it already slowes down and freezes without clicking on events. Seems to be some saved state that persits in saved project files.

Anyone observing similar?


I was having mega frequent freezes.

Turns out after upgrading from my trial period to Cubase Pro 12, the activation process had not been done in full. Check you license/activation - that was the issue for me anyway.

Hey thank you! Checked both eLicenser (also re-install) and Activation Manager. All OK.

Freeze occurs definitely when invoking MIDI editing either by double-click or when opening MIDI editor tab in the lower zone.

Have opened a support ticked now.

Hi, I have another issue since this latest update (12.0.52): The Cubase tools (e.g. Frequency, Tube Compressor) do not come up as GUI anymore but as text boxes… Seems like this update has some serious bugs. Still need to open a ticket (which from my experience takes way too long till they look at it…).

Solved itself somehow. NVidia driver did not change in the meantime, maybe some Win update

I had the same issue, I uninstalled Kontakt 7, using Kontakt 6 instead, have not had any issue so far.
MIDI Remote Integration for (arturia minilab mk2) works reliably in 12.0.52. they did improve something in midi remote section. 12.0.30 was also a very stable version for me.

Kontakt 7… interesting - will observe that. Anyway Cubase 12.0.52 currently working stable again.

12.0.52 the VST audio goes away, randomly,… not sure why that is… are you seeing that as well? I downgraded it to 12.0.30… same thing in 12.0.30, it has to do with Kontakt and big libraries.

Everything working fine here with v. 12.0.52
Audio: ASIO4All v2, 17ms latency in/out

I’m experiencing the same problem. However, for me it started after I installed the Asolute 5 VST instrument collection package. I was running out of storage on my PC, so I decided to move all my VSTs to a new external drive and to install the Absolute 5 instrument here too. Everything done by using the Steinberg library Manager. Does Cubase support instrument packages installed on a different dive than the drive where Cubase is installed?

The above are the only changes I’ve made since the problem occoured.

My environment is:
Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Cubase Pro 12.0.52

I use Steinberg instruments only

I’ve worked further to solve the problem without luck. So I decided to create som dump files for support to look into. I hope you can find a solution, as I’m not able to use Cubase in it’s present state.

Link to dump files: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.