Cubase Pro 12.0.52-licence vanished!?!?

Did anyone else just have their C12 Pro license disappear?
I was working and with MGuitar, suddenly it froze. I force quit Cubase, tried to re-start and it said "no valid license found??. I did all the checks with eLicenser Control Center, iLok Manager. The Steinberg Activation manager is stuck and unable to load??.
Luckily I still have C11 Pro still active, but non of my Halion SE instruments will load. It shows no licenses present???.. I have no idea what just happened ??
I double checked my internet and it’s fine
This is a horror show right now!!..and ideas??

UPDATE…I finally just rebooted the computer, and boom!, it’s all back???. I’ve no idea what happened but I’m back to writing. Pretty un-nerving though! :flushed: :confounded:

It happens to me occasionally. I think the dongle crashes sometimes and it can’t reinitialise.

Mine is plugged into an internal USB port and difficult to access quickly, so I just restart and I’m able to work again.

Bit of an annoyance indeed!

Cubase 12 doesn’t use the dongle anymore.

Cubase 12 itself is licensed by SAM now but different components aren‘t yet and still require the dongle.

Correct, so what the hell happened yesterday??. A couple weeks ago my internet was down for a day. As a result I couldn’t use C12…Having C11 kept me up and running. I still wish we could stay with dongle licenses :man_shrugging:

Steinberg Licensing needs the internet connection just for the activation. It works without internet after that.
There are some 3rd party plugins, requiring internet connection.

This might be useful

How often will I need to connect to the internet? Do I need to be connected all the time?

Your computer only needs to be connected to the internet in order to sign in with your Steinberg ID and to obtain the initial activation. Thereafter your computer can remain disconnected from the internet, and your software will continue its normal operation. Running your Steinberg software does not require a constant internet connection.

It happened again tonight!!!

I don’t know if this has anything to do with that, but when I use M-Guitar, sometimes it crashes. I do EndTask to clear it. When I boot back up C12 gets hung up looking for licenses…one by one!. This has never happened before. All my HalionSE instruments will be deactivated. The only thing that brings things back is rebooting the whole computer, but then it can happen again. This cannot be right!.
Here’s some shots of what’s happening.