Cubase Pro 12.0 Lanes not working properly

Cubase Pro 12 lanes is not working properly. Lanescan be opened but when recording it records over the 1st lane only, and worse - it overwrites the underlying lane.

Tried creating a new track and recording, but it does the same thing. This is useless. I have to revert to cubase 9.5.

Cubase is running on windows 10 PC.

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Are you talking about an Audio or a MIDI tracks, please? How is the Audio-/MIDI Record Mode set on your side, please?

Audio tracks

What do you mean by audio/midi record mode. I can record audio but it is rewriting over the same lane so only one lane.


I mean this:
Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 09.59.13

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 09.59.16

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Thanks Martin - that solved the Lanes problem., the setting in the audio record mode was on Replace. I selected the Keep history option and the lanes work as they should.

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