Cubase Pro 12.0 Lanes not working properly

Cubase Pro 12 lanes is not working properly. Lanescan be opened but when recording it records over the 1st lane only, and worse - it overwrites the underlying lane.

Tried creating a new track and recording, but it does the same thing. This is useless. I have to revert to cubase 9.5.

Cubase is running on windows 10 PC.

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Are you talking about an Audio or a MIDI tracks, please? How is the Audio-/MIDI Record Mode set on your side, please?

Audio tracks

What do you mean by audio/midi record mode. I can record audio but it is rewriting over the same lane so only one lane.


I mean this:
Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 09.59.13

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 09.59.16

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Thanks Martin - that solved the Lanes problem., the setting in the audio record mode was on Replace. I selected the Keep history option and the lanes work as they should.

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hello,when I opening Lanes,I see only one Lane,how can I fix this problem?Cubase 12 Pro

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Could you attach the screenshot, please?

whot is the suliction?

Cubase will automatically create a new empty lane as soon as there is data on the existing lane(s). You don’t have to do that manually.

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Maybe you have more ones in the other Track Version?

I see only one Lane as in the picture

This is not my question, if anyone knows the problem I showed in the picture, please write


There is only 1 lane on the picture, because there is no Audio Event in the track. If you add any, the 2nd Lane would be created automatically, so you can use it.

Or what is the problem?

No, I even checked it and it still looks like this when there is Voice


Attach the screenshot, please.