Cubase Pro 12 comping problem

This is my first ‘serious’ comping session.

I recorded, simultaneously, 10 tracks during the same session:

  • 2 guitars (stereo from 2 amps + reamp track)
  • physical synthesizers
  • a global midi track

The different lanes created are all the same length for a lane of the same order, but the different lanes don’t have the same length because I manually stopped the recording before reaching the end of the loop zone.
The 3 guitar tracks are in the same folder, D1.
This guitars folder is with the other tracks, except the midi track, in a D2 folder, the midi track is isolated.

When I enable multiple editing by clicking ‘=’ in the D2 folder Cubase displays a warning: multiple editing may not work because not all tracks are in sync???
While all lanes of the same order are from the same session.
When I select a synth lane with the comping tool, the corresponding guitar lanes are not selected, but the same order lanes of the other synths in the D2 folder are selected ???
When I click on ‘=’ for the D1 folder, there is no warning and the selection of a lane of a guitar leads to the selection of the corresponding lane for the other guitar track. but not for synth lanes…

Why this ‘synchronization’ issue and how do I synchronously comp all my tracks.

A little disappointed…

A little confused by the post, too much info but
If you wanna group edit everything together then put all the tracks you want in the same folder and enable group editing option on folder track.
Before doing anything render everything in place so they are of the same length. That’s why you get the message, but either ignore it or render in place.

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