Cubase Pro 12 crashes when I have more than one project open and switch between them

Hello all,
I noticed that - since I have installed the latest Update to Cubase Pro 12 (12.0.52) - it chrashes when I have more than one project open and I switch between projects. It does not activate a project when I switch between windows and press the “Activate” button. It freezes completely and I have to kill the task via task manager.
I found a work around. I still have Cubase Pro 10 on the computer and now I load the secondary projects in CB 10 and keep just the main working project in CB 12.
CB10 allows switching and activating between projects without freese or crash.
I hope it gets fixed with the next CB12 update.

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Cannot reproduce that behavior here, I can switch between projects without problems.
My guess is that some plugin is misbehaving for whatever reason…
Does this happen with all projects? Do you have the same plugins in these projects?

Hello Fese,
thanks for your reply. You may be right that some VST might cause the problem. Yes, I use mostly the same VST in my projects. I have a common setup reflecting my planned new band. For the (cover) program I start with a purchased midi for the song and import that in to Cubase . which them maps all tracks in to Halion Sonic.
Then I start a new project and import the tracks that I can not play/sing myself from the midi project in to the new project and map them eihter to single VSTs or in to HS as well if the sound quality is good enough .
During this phase (before I start recording audio tracks with guitars, manoline, e-bass and vocals) I switch a lot between the projects.
Funny thing is that in Cubase Pro 10 it works well and I do not have the CB freez.

Since I found the work around, I will complete some of my projects and maybe at a later time check about a plugin being the trouble maker. I will come back and report if I find the cause.

Thanks for trying to replicate my issue.
Best regards, take care

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Any luck i am having a same problem. Its keep crashing when i switch between projects.
Sometime its crash itself even with a single project. Play delay, freeze all that happening very frequently.
I am using cubase 12 pro with win 11 babyface pro fs.
Hope its fix soon.

dump File

can anyone please help me out.