Cubase Pro 12 gets elicenser error 'Unknown Application' Application Not Registered

I cannot find an answer to this. There is a previous topic where it was suggested that I update VST Connect from the Steinberg Download Manager in the Cubase 12 section. But I updated ALL parts of the Cubase 12 section. There is no VST Connect there. I am still getting this error.


You can download the component separately or you can delete the component if you are not using it.

Martin, thank you for the response. I looked all over the Steinberg Download Assistant, including all components for Cubase 12. I do not see anywhere where I can download the component separately. I assume the component is VST Connect. I updated all components of Cubase 12 Pro and I even tried downloading VST Connect Pro under it’s separate category and it did not correct the problem. Can you tell me specifically where I can download the component separately? Thanks!


In the Steinberg Download Assistant you can find VST Connect Pro under the VST Cloud tab.

I found a solution that worked for me. I uninstalled VST Connect Pro and VST Connect Performer from the Windows uninstaller (Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a program) .