Cubase pro 12 license check at start up

I thought Cubase 12 would do a license check once a month but it happens every time on startup and I’ve had to reboot a few times now because the licenses weren’t found?


I’m seeing the same check at every start, and it’s not exactly quick.

On Mac here the same. But no problem, when I block it. This kind of checking do a lot of apps. But I have none, which stops working when blocked. But you should let it connect from time to time. I just had to authorise BFD again, because it has been offline for more than 30 days.

I’m wondering the same. I had the issue yesterday that for whatever reason no license could be found because of a network connectivity issue and I wasn’t able to use Cubase. How do I prevent that from happen respectively what about that alleged once-a-month license check?

Please read the official Steinberg notes about this in the Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

How often will I need to connect to the internet? Do I need to be connected all the time?

Your computer only needs to be connected to the Internet in order to sign in with your Steinberg ID and to obtain the initial activation. Thereafter your computer can remain disconnected from the internet, and your software will continue its normal operation. Running your Steinberg software does not require a constant internet connection.

Yes that’s clear so far but I’m still wondering why it is doing the lengthy license check on every startup. Is it because I actually do have a permanent internect connection and it therefore checks it every time? Maybe I am missing something but I haven’t found anything specific about that. It’s not a dealbreaker but the initial startup of Cubase 12 appears to take way longer for me than it did before the new licensing system because of that.

There’s no internet connection going on for this.

Probably Cubase is waiting for the Activation Manager components to launch.

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Ah ok that makes sense. I was assuming it was actually checking the license servers during that part.
Which means my issues yesterday were probably not related to connectivity but rather to the Activation Manager being borked or something like that. (since it worked again after a reboot)

Yes. You can always force quit the Activation Manager or the SteinbergLicensingEngine.exe if it’s stuck, but I say that from doing it on my machine, my personal experience, only.

About every fourth time I start Cubase 12.0.6, it hangs at Initializing MIDI and when looking in Windows Task Manager it is always checking for licenses that freezes (Not responding) the system. I’m running Windows 10 latest updates. This has been occurring for months and it just happened again so I decided to vent about this.
I suspect that part of the issue might be that the Steinberg license servers are down or having some kind of issue. It makes no sense that Cubase should be waiting for the Activation Manager since everything I have purchased and updated from Steinberg is already activated. If there are issues with your servers it should still let me run Cubase and all related VST’s I have purchased like Absolute collection. Maybe code so it finishes loading everything and then check for licenses after Cubase is started and running.
I have to use Restart on Windows and it does not actually restart but instead puts it to sleep or some other mode and I have to long hold the power button to shut down and wait 30 seconds or so and then power on again. Then Cubase starts up fine.
It is really annoying that Cubase freezes in the startup processing at Initializing MIDI and behind the scenes it is actually checking for licenses of already activated software. Please fix that.
Thank you!


It happened again today! First time starting Cubase Pro 12.0.6 and it locks up at MIDI and I find Task Manager has Checking Licenses… Not Responding. It did not do this when I first updated to 12.0.6 and I have been on this update since a few days after it was released. It seems to be getting much more frequent in the last two weeks where it locks up every first time I start Cubase. Then after rebooting it works fine.
What is the fix for this? Beside rebooting.
Even though I try to end task, it always has 2 records for the following.
“Checking licenses… Not Responding”
“Checking licenses… Not Responding”
You cannot end these tasks and it is a major pain to restart Windows 10 and I should not have to to be honest.
I do not see the Activation Manager or SteinbergLicensingEngine.exe running on my system so how can I force quit them if I don’t see them? Please provide details of how to work around this issue until it is fixed.

I have seen other similar reports of Cubase locking up or hanging.
Please make sure you fix this in the next 12.0.7 update.

This often happens to me when I’m connected via WiFi to a router that isn’t connected to the internet.

I suspect that sometimes Cubase tries to connect and because the Steinberg server doesn’t respond, you get the not responding error message.

However, I don’t understand why it’s trying to do that since most of the time I’m connected to a WiFi/LAN router that has connectivity to the internet.

Me again,
Today, I started my UR44C, Nautilus, and speakers, and then rebooted my laptop in hopes that starting Cubase 12 Pro for the first time would not lock up at Initializing MIDI and the Checking Licenses. Not Responding would be avoided.
Well, it did not lock up at Initializing MIDI, but now it locked up at Initializing: VST Mixer.
Why is Cubase 12 Pro locking up?
The only change is that I just purchased a new UR44C and installed a few weeks ago and it works fine but I’m wondering if it is having an issue? Do you think it could be related?
It installed just fine and is working when I do get Cubase to run and it works fine with other programs.
Please let me know if there is a work around for this.
Is there a link to show all the things that Cubase checks when starting up that you could refer me to?
Maybe I need to check a specific service or app to verify it is started?