Cubase Pro 12 load error

HI All,

I have an error that comes up every time I load Cubase Pro. I have used Download manager and the files are not loaded , but I keep getting error. Any clues as how to remove? See screen image below


Start Steinberg Library Manager and remove these libraries, please.

Be aware HALion Sonic is not the same as HALion Sonic SE.

Thanks Martin. I did remove using library manager but they still start up


Could you attach the screenshot from the Steinberg Library Manager, please?

Hi Martin,

Apologies for the late reply.

Here is a screen shot of Download manager indicating the files are not loaded:

I think Martin asked for screenshots from the Steinberg Library Manager, not the Download Assistant.
Can you post those?

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Thanks Johnny. Here they are below. Apologies for the delay

Thanks again



This is still the Steinberg Download Assistant, nor Steinberg Library Manager as requested.

Sorry Martin. Now I get it. I removed Game FX and Pro using Library Manager.

I still have Halion Sonic coming up. Which one should I delete?


I can see the HALionSonic 3 Combis and HALion Sonic 2 Combis libraries on the screenshot. Do you own HALion Sonic 3 or HALion Sonic 2 license?

I don’t think so Martin. Just using standard Cubase pro vst access


In that case, I would remove these 2 libraries and also HALion 4 Factory Content library.

Many thanks for your help Martin

Thanks Martin, could you please let me know which HALion to remove as there are a few versions


Remove the libraries I mentioned in my previous post.

Still getting this after removal of the files you mentioned. Any clues?


Is this the file I shold remove


The only ones I own are the ones that came free with Cubase Pro. I haven’t purchased any additional licences.


Yas, please.

Thanks Martin.

File removed but error continues