Cubase Pro 12 - Melda Superlooper 16 out - How to route individual outputs

Hi, I have done extensive searches for a solution to this problem with little success. I have read a few posts with similar problems with other FX plugins with multiple outs but looks like Cubase does not support this as far as I can see but I live in hope that someone out there may have a solution.

The problem I have is I am running Melda Superlooper which is a VST fx plugin not a VST instrument. There are 3 versions of this plugin, a simple stereo in stereo out version, a version which has 16 ins and 16 outs and a version with stereo in and 16 outs, I am using the 16 out version. As I understand it MSL defines the 16 outs as 8 stereo channels, each channel is assigned to a track, i.e. Track 1 is assigned to output 1, track 2 to output 2 etc.

I can’t find any way to route these 16 outputs from MSL to individual tracks within Cubase which would allow individual VST effects etc to be assigned to each track.

I have found posts in other forums which indicate that this can be done quite easily in other DAWs such as Reaper amongst others but no one has found a way to do this within Cubase.

Is this actually possible or does Cubase not support multi outs from VST FX plugins.

Any help appreciated, thanks.