Cubase pro 12 MIDI Remote not seeing SSL UF8 or Korg nanoKontrol Studio?

As the topic says, in Cubase pro 12 the MIDI Remote panel is not seeing SSL UF8 or Korg nanoKontrol Studio?

Plase advise as I use the nanokontrol as my transport and expression controller and the UF8 is used during mixing. Also the UF8 is unable to control any library loaded in Kontakt.


I am also experiencing no control with UF8 in C12
All UF8 channel displays are blank, all buttons are not functioning
Working as normal when I switch back to C11

May be a programming bug then.

Any help from Steinberg please?

Hi Jochen

That video shows how to set up the UF8 using the Mackie Control Protocol which, as far as I understand it, the Cubase Pro 12 MIDI Remote does not support so a user is unable to access the features that MIDUI Remote offers.

OK I had a reply back from SSL about this.

I suggest anyone who would like a UF8 script for SSL UF8 to email them asking for one.

Thank you for contacting SSL.

We are looking into making scripts available but don’t have confirmation if or when that will be implemented.


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