Cubase Pro 12 Not Visible

I have been trying to get a response from ‘support’ since I bought the upgrade to Cubase Pro 12 upon release last week.

My issue is this:

All my Steinberg programs have been registered with Email Address A.
However, I inadvertently bought the update with Email Address B.

As a consequence, I could only run Cubase 12 when logged in with Email Address B.

But, this meant I could not see ANY of my other Steinberg programs - such as Dorico - because all those other programs are registered with Email address A.

Today, I got a response stating Email Address B has now been deactivated. And I should simply use Email address A to register Cubase.

However, there is no way of doing this because the activation code I used last week (with the wrong email account) has ‘already been used’.

So, does this mean I cannot use Cubase Pro 12 unless I buy it again? If so, I don’t think I am allowed to do that because the eLicener now states my copy of Cubase 11 is now not upgradeable.

What on earth do I do?

Did you open the activation manager?

Yes. Cubase Pro 12 does not display there.

I would go to the Steinberg online store, log in and access your past purchases. This will give you a list of everything you bought in the past plus the access code. Take the cubase 12 access code and enter it into the Steinberg download manager. It will direct you to the activation manager and give you the option to activate.

Getting into your account in the Steinberg online store is a little tricky. Because there is no real login page you must begin the process of purchasing something until you do get to the login page and then just back out of the purchase but you’ll still be able to access your information.

Now been issued with a new activation code from support. all works as it should now.