Cubase Pro 12 update from Pro 9.5

Hello everyone.

I have an issue about updating Cubase Pro. I have updated my Cubase 9.5 to 12 but my eLicencer has broken. So I can’t complete update progress. Then I got a mail from Steinberg. It says you have to update your software in 14 days. I sent a mail steinberg about my problem 19 days ago but they do not answer to me.

In short I can’t use Cubase Pro 12 and can’t continue update progress. At worst I can buy an eLicencer from Steinberg store but I don’t want to it. Because I need to use just one time.

What can I do this case? Thanks in advance.

Have you used the Zero Downtime feature?

I suppose the way only way forward really would be to replace your dongle, of course.

Yes I have used ZDT feature. Even I buy a dongle as I said, I only use one time. I don’t want to pay that much for one time.

By the way in this time, my Cubase Pro 12 licence has expired. I don’t know if I can activate it again even if I buy a new dongle.

You would be able to use the new dongle to run previous versions of Cubase, which the Cubase 12 license does not allow, so there’s that.

I think this is a difficult time to be asking for an exception to the rules because tech-support is totally slammed. But I have the impression that the company is flexible on thing like this, when all has been done in good faith.

Just that the wait will not be short.

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Thanks a lot. I think I can use previous version too. But my licence has expired and I have paid. I afraid it.

But as you said, Steinberg is flexible for exception. I’ve been relaxed. Thank you again.