Cubase Pro 12 upgrade license AI/LE/Elements 12

Hi, i have a problem with a license purchased from a online store.
I already have Cubase Elements 12, and i wanted to upgrade to Pro 12.
On the store site, it was written that the license could be used with either AI, LE or Elements 12.
Now, it doesn’t work. I have received the message that i don’t own the right license to make the upgrade. Just wanted to know the differences between the 3 versions, if anyone had the same problem, and if is possible to fix this… thanx in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The comparison chart is available here.

And yes, the upgrade is valid from Elements/LE/AI 12.

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Please post screenshots of your Steinberg Activation Manager and the eLicenser Control Center, with the eLicenser serial numbers to the left edited out.

I’ve removed your screenshot since it includes a soft eLicenser serial number. For anyone wondering, the eLicenser is empty.

Please take a screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager, which is where your license should be stored. You took a picture of the Download Assistant which is something else.

Ok, got it ah ah here it is…

This is a picture of the license card with the code edited out… AI/Elements/LE??

Looks like some european retailers are selling an upgrade that’s specifically for Cubase AI only. Cubase AI is included with Yamaha products and Steinberg’s audio interfaces.

The upgrade from the Steinberg Shop might be different and does apply to Elements/AI/LE.



This is dedicated upgrade from Cubase AI, not the one from Elements/LE/AI, which is available on the official shop.

The description of this seller is misleading.