Cubase Pro 13.0.20 (Intel) on macOS 13.6.3 very crashy

Now that I’m using CP13 more, I’m seeing lots of crashes. Does Steinberg see macOS crash reports that are sent to Apple?

One reliable crasher: Open a group channel’s e-button (edit channel settings). Open the channel’s Sources pull down. Hit ESC or the X button; crashes every time.

Hi @pumpichank

Sorry to hear you are experiencing instability with Cubase 13.

We do not. However you should be normally prompted with a safe start dialog when opening Cubase again after a crash. At the top of this dialog there should be a button named “Send to Steinberg”. This will automatically send your crashlog to our crashlog monitoring server and greatly facilitate the detection and prioritization of crashes among other.

That being said, we would also welcome you share with us your IPS files on this thread so that we can see what it is all about.


Thanks @Armand - good to know. I haven’t saved or sent previous crashes, but from now on I’ll click on the Send to Steinberg button. Looking forward to some updates!

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Thanks. You can also post crashes on the forum directly. Please make sure to give as much context as possible when doing so: which domain is crashing? is there a way to reproduce it easily?

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Will do!