Cubase Pro 13.0.30 (Windows 10) crash in inference engine on startup

A few small updates:

First, Waves is wanting me to try the small test project I’ve created that consistently recreates the problem using a newly-created administrator account. However, when I try using Cubase in that account, third party VST3 plugins are not scanned, so the project just loads with the two plugins missing. This is due to vstscannermaster.exe crashing. I’ve created a separate thread on that since it does not necessarily relate to this thread, other than that my reason for even trying it was for further troubleshooting here: Cubase 13.0.30 not scanning 3rd party VST3 plugins with new admin user account

Second, I have further localized the problem, with an even simpler test case. In particular, there is no dependency on the track’s being frozen, but there is a dependency on the order of the plugins in the track inserts. In particular, Clarity Vx DeReverb must be in the first slot and Clarity Vx must be in the second slot. If the order is the other way around, or only one of the plugins is included, the crash does not occur. (Both plugins have copies of inference_engine.dll in their files, so I’m thinking there may be some conflict related to that, such as Clarity Vx ending up referencing Clarity Vx DeReverb’s copy of the library in question if loaded after that plugin is already in memory.)

If there is anyone reading this who has both Clarity Vx DeReverb and Clarity Vx, and is running either Cubase Pro 13 or Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 10, who might be willing to try a simple test, I would be very interested to hear if you also get the same result. Here is a ZIP file with a very small project:

Cubase Vx DeReverb (3.0 MB)

The steps to try it (after having extracted the files from the ZIP file) are as follows:

  1. Reboot your PC.
  2. Go to the “Cubase Vx DeReverb test” directory extracted from the ZIP file in File Manager, and double click on “Waves Vx Test, unfrozen, both plugins.cpr”.

Does the project load successfully? Or does Cubase crash (or possibly hang)?

In my current case, Cubase crashes. However, if I then double-click on the CPR file (without rebooting in between) again, it loads properly. It is only the first start after rebooting that crashes.