CUBASE PRO 13 causing ongoing issues!

I’m no expert by any means and have been very happily using Cubase PRO 10 for years. I decided it may be time to upgrade and downloaded PRO 13 and the associated files (60 day trial!).

However, every time I opened a project I was greeted by a stream of alerts that 'HALion Sonic SE Artist Instrument Factory Presets could not be found. I had removed nothing.

I have uninstalled PRO 13, but I’m getting the same messages on PRO 10 now and the tracks are pretty much unplayable!

Any help or advice really would be appreciated.


Cubase Error Message

The problem is likely because your Cubase 13 trial installed HALion 7, and also replaced a bunch of content for HALion Sonic SE with newer/reorganized content.

The first thing you might try…is removing HALion Sonic SE 2 from your system. See if HALion Sonic 7 will then replace it in Cubase 10.

For this to work, you’d need to keep your Cubase 13 trial installed for the time being. You could remove it later, but KEEP HALion Sonic 7, and the Sonic Selection content.

I’m not positive that will work, but it’s worth a try.

If that doesn’t work out…

Easiest Solution is to upgrade to Cubase 13, and then run either version 13 or 12 (you can have both installed and use either one you like), and say goodbye to anything older than Cubase 12.

If you have the right keys, fresh content, and proper HALion Sonic 7, and Groove Agent 5 setup, I think it’s possible to keep using much older versions of Cubase (so long as they support VST3). Thing is, they will use HALion Sonic 7 in place of older versions of HALion Sonic SE.

Alot has happened since Cubase 10…including dropping the dongle!

If don’t have keys for in the least, Cubase 12, HALion 7 can be a mess if you try to incorporate it with Steinberg hosts older than Cubase 12/Dorico 5.

It might be possible to remove all traces of HSSE and attempt to use Sonic 7 instead, but I have no idea how that would play in terms of compatibility with your old projects from inside Cubase 10.

The same could apply for Groove Agent!

So you have a couple of options to try.

One is to remove all traces of newer Steinberg hosts, HALion Sonic 7, Groove Agent 5, etc, and run the installers for Cubase 10 all over again. If you don’t have them anymore you can find it all here:
Cubase | Steinberg

Another option (won’t hurt to give it a try first)…is to clean up all traces of Cubase 13, HALion 7, and try to get the latest version of HSSE 3 working.

So, first uninstall all traces of Cubase 13.

Uninstall HALion Sonic 7. You’ll use your OS app/program manager to do this.

Uninstall Groove Agent SE.

If it still shows up in your OS program manager, uninstall HALion Sonic SE 2 (so you can replace it with SE 3).

Cubase 10 most likely shipped with HALion Sonic 2 (HSSE 2), and if you want to go back to this, you could use your old installers for Cubase 10 to roll back again, but I recommend you try getting things running with the latest version HSSE 3 possible.

First, get the latest version of HALion Sonic SE (3.5.10) from this Dorico support link and run the installer.
Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

HSSE 3.5.10 should be fine in Cubase 10 or 10.5. You’ll get the added benefit of HSSE working in non Steinberg hosts (as long as your dongle is plugged in), and you’ll also get a stand alone version. This is also the only version of HALion SE available that can work with some of the newer dongle free stuff while retaining compatibility with eLicenser based content.

Next, you’ll get HSSE 3 compatible versions of your content libraries. For the base content that ships with Cubase Pro, you’ll want the HALion Sonic SE 3 (3.4 gig download) ‘content’ that can be found here:
Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

I forget what all ‘extra content’ packs came with Cubase 10. Typically each new Cubase release adds some stuff, but you could go ahead and download anything you know you were using before trying to use Cubase 13. Don’t try installing any of it yet…wait to see what you ‘need’.

Finally, open your Steinberg Library Manager (It will be installed along with HSSE 3.5.10). If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s a stand alone app you can find in your OS start bar.
I.E. On Windows, click the start icon, type in “Steinberg” and that should bring up several ‘search hits’ for Steinberg apps installed on your system, among them being the ‘Library Manager’.

Mine looks like this (I run full HALion 7 and have loads of extra content installed here)…

If you see a library called “Sonic Selection” listed…you’ll want to REMOVE it.

That library (Sonic Selection) is where HALion 7 ‘replaced’ the following older libraries (same content, just reorganized and updated a bit) that has shipped with Cubase for many years/versions/generations:
HS SE Basic
HS SE Artist

After removing the “Sonic Selection” library (if it exists on your system), install the HSSE content from the ISO that you downloaded from the Cubase 11 support area.

From there, test things, and replace any other content that might have gone missing, but from the Cubase 11 support area.

You might also experience complaints about unregistered ‘extra’ content that might have been installed with your Cubase 13 trail. If these issues pop up, just go back to Library Manager and REMOVE them.

Hopefully Groove Agent won’t give you any problems, but if it does:
Use the Steinberg Library Manger again to REMOVE all of the Groove Agent content. Reinstall Groove Agent itself, and the content for it from your Cubase 10 installation media.


Thank you so much for your help and advice. It is genuinely appreciated.

In the end I stripped out Cubase completely and re-installed 10 from scratch. I think it’ll be a while before I venture to try 13 again!

Thanks again