Cubase Pro 13 "Dance Production" template - can't record on vocal track

I’m using the latest release of Cubase 13 Pro with a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB interface.
I loaded and saved the “Dance Production” template and have managed to record VSTs on all the pre-made tracks but I cannot manage to record anything on the ‘Vocal’ track.
The ‘Routing’ in the ‘Inspector’ tab looks different from files I have created from scratch. In the ‘Production’ template it shows the routing as “Mono In 1” and “Stereo Out” whereas in other non-template projects the routing shows as “Right - Stereo In” (or “Left - Stereo In” depending on which physical input is being used on the front of the Clarett 4Pe) and “Stereo Out”. I can record vocals without any problems in a non-template project so i know that the setup works.
I can hear that the track is armed through the headphones and can see that the trigger light on the front of the Clarett, so there is a signal getting to the interface, I just can’t get it recorded.
Can anyone make any suggestions or offer any answers as to what I need to do to get the template ‘Vocal’ track up and running?


My expectation is, there is the VST Dynamic plug-in or any Gate plug-in involved and your recording is to quiet.

Please, double-check the plug-ins.

Thanks for the reply.
I created a new audio track to see if it would work minus any pre-set VST Dynamis/plug-ins but get the same issue … so it’s not anything to do with them.


On the Vocal track, there is the VST Dynamics plug-in in the Dance Production template. Did you create an Audio track from scratch? Did you set up the Input and Output of your new track correctly? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Isn’t there any Gate on your Audio Device? Could you try to add gain on your Audio Device? Does your mic need phantom power? If yes, is it switched on on your Audio Device?

I created a new audio track in the “Production” template from scratch.
My audio device is setup properly. The Shure SM7 mic I’m using has a built-in preamp and I do have phantom power enabled. The Clarett 4Pre doesn’t have a ‘gate’.
As I mentioned in my initial post, the routing in the template is different from a bog standard, non-template project. I have tried different input/output settings for the audio track with no difference.
The issue is definitely within the template settings because switching to a non-template project gives no trouble in recording vocals with the same settings/mic.


Isn’t there any plug-in on the Output channel in the template project?

I think I’ve discovered the “issue”.
The routing needs to be set to “Links”, which is an option along with the “Mono In 1”, “Mono In2” and “Rechts” options in the drop-down menu.
I have no idea what “Links” refers to, (or “Rechts”) but it has opened the track to accept recorded vocals.


“Links” means “Left” in the German language. So it has to be set to the 1st input.

How is the Audio Connections > Inputs set up on your side, please? Could you attach a screenshot, please?