Cubase Pro 13 license also good for previous versions?

This just occurred to me, but I was wondering about this to possibly open very old projects that composers posted online, like Lorne Balfe, Ashton Gleckman and other people that created a great project back in, let’s say, 2017, and if you want to open that project these days it’s a nightmare.

For starters, they were created with the Intel version of Cubase on Macs, so modern Cubase has to be set to Rossetta 2 to open the tracks that have Kontakt 5. And now that I have both Cubase 12 and 13 I can set 12 to Rosetta permanently, but still, it’s a much newer version than what those guys used in 2017-2020 for example.

So whatever the version was back then, let’s say 8 or 9, does my Cubase Pro 13 license and previous Cubase Pro 12 license cover installing those older versions?