Cubase Pro 13 Not Shutting Down properly

Hi guys : )

I view plugin windows on all three of my monitors. However, if I view ‘certain’ plugins on either my 2nd or 3rd monitor - e.g., Antares AutoTune - Cubase doesn’t shut down properly.

The workaround is before closing a project I have to remember to open these plugins and move their windows to my main monitor. Cubase shuts down as expected then.

I wonder if it has something to do with Cubase’s VideoEnginePro.dll file, or with Windows 11 hardware acceleration feature, or some other display setting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. : )

Kind regards

Darren White
Wales, UK

(Windows 11, 64 bit / Cubase Pro 13 / NVIDIA Graphics Card - Studio Driver)


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your report. Do you mind clarifying what you mean by “not shutting down properly”? Is Cubase hanging or simply crashing? In both cases you should hopefully have a matching DMP file in Documents/Steinberg/Crashdumps that we would need first so that we can investigate what the root cause behind this issue might be.


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what Armand wrote :slight_smile: but if you don’t have dumps, you can use ProcDump to get a useful log.

As this happens on the 2nd and 3rd monitor, please check if you have the Nahimic Service running (especially if you sometimes see the UI becoming white and freezing Cubase).

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Hi guys

Thanks for your replies. Apologies for the delay in responding, but I’ve been away. ​ : )

I have a​ support ticket ​open so hopefully a fix will be found.

In the meantime the workaround ​for me is ​not to close my projects ​a​fter opening ​plugin windows on my 2nd or 3rd monitor.​ If I do, Cubase simply crashes.

I don’t have any Nahimic Service​s running​, so this is a bizarre issue indeed!

Kind regards

Darren ​ : )