Cubase Pro 13 Vocal Chain GUI glitch

Hello, I’m using Cubase 13 Pro on Windows 10 Pro with Nvidia quadro graphics card. My graphics card has the latest driver but Cubase new Vocal Chain plugin GUI continually glitches and flickers. It is the only plugin that does it. None of my other Cubase plugins, SSL plugins, Waves, Izotope, Native Instruments, Ik multimedia, etc. plugins are having this problem. Only the Vocal Chain plugin. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

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Isn’t it the known issue for Cubase 13.0.10 described in the Release Notes?

I am experiencing the same. Additionally, Vocal Chain adds a TON of latency. I will not be able to track with it with this level of latency. I wonder if these issues are connected?

@Martin.Jirsak Thanks for the reply, I saw the release note but didn’t know it was for the plugin. I guess it was a catch all for any glitch.

from CB13 release notes, “On Windows only, unusual graphical artifacts may appear on the user interface under certain circumstances. We will resolve this issue with the next maintenance update.”

It has gotten a lot worse, now it flickers totally white. I’ll have to wait for the next update. Thanks for reaching out.

@theBlondBrogre Yeah, vocal chain is not the most CPU friendly plugin. Hopefully that is addressed with the interface glitches. Fingers crossed. On a positive note, I really like it, and have remixed a couple of songs through it. The reverb and delay are nice and the compressors are ok.

Hi, I have just installed Cubase 13 Pro and tried to use Vocal Chain but there are no presets to try. Can anyone help

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@chrisgarfield I’m not sure why you are not seeing them. I never used the presets but I just checked and they are there. Please see attached screenshot. Click in the normal preset box and the presets open. Maybe someone from cubase will join in and troubleshoot.

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Thanks TDMS. Ive tried that and it’s blank. Perhaps a reinstall may fix it.?

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