Cubase Pro 6 to 10.5 Pro upgrade

Hi There,

I have just purchased a 2nd hand version of Cubase 6 which includes the elicenser with license and I’d like to upgrade to the latest version of Cubase. The person I purchased from says that he never registered a MySteinberg account but it must have been activated otherwise it could not be used.

My question is -
Do I just purchase the upgrade from Steinberg and use the activation code given from them and apply it to this version version 6 of Cubase?
Is Cubase 6 still somehow tied to the previous owner at all?

Thanks in advance.

J :slight_smile:

If the previous version as you said had been activated before - yes. To be sure, you should install the eLicenser control center software, and check the actual license on the stick. Also you might want to wait with the activation of the 10.5 license until Cubase 11 (which might be released within the next 4 - 8 weeks) is out, so yoj get Cubase 11 for free as grace period update. So buy now, activate later.

Only if the USB elicenser had been registered bexore, and the registration hasnt been cancelled buy the seller.

Thanks for your reply and advice. The previous owner is now saying he doesn’t recall if he registered the software before but if he did currently doesn’t use the same email address anymore. If this is the case will I be stuck with a version of Cubase 6 that can’t be upgraded?

Thanks in advance.


It can be upgraded, you will just have some trouble to register the USB eLicenser to your account, which is absolutely necessary if you for example lose or break your key, and need a replacement license.

That’s great. Thanks for your reply and for clearing that up.