Cubase Pro 8.0.10 STILL crash when quitting

Here is my system spec:

2013 Mac Pro Quad / 32GB Ram / OS X 10.10.3 / RME Babyface with latest firmware
Various SSDs via Blackmagic’s Multidock II

Virtual Instruments:
Vienna Instruments Pro
East West PLAY
Omnisphere 1
UVI Workstation

VSL Vienna Suite
Various WAVES
Slate Digital VMR (latest version)
valhalla DSP

Sometimes I still experienced cubase crashes when quitting the program, I have listed the most frequently used virtual instruments and plug-ins above, I don’t know it’s the issue of the VI’s or the Plug-ins, or something else?

Could DAW experts help, please!

This is an age old problem that many of us have to put up with, myself included. Have never been able to pinpoint a rogue plug-in or other issue.

Happens 100% regularly here. Even if I just open Cubase, and then close it immediately, without even loading a project, it will crash on exit. At one point around 7.0 or 7.5 it stopped crashing, but with 8pro it started crashing again. I have no idea why. I can only force myself to live with it. Damn clumsy Steinberg coding… eh, what can be done.

mine always crashes on close with Slate SSD 4 Drums plugin


The same happens to me.
Slate & Waves always seem to cause these types of issues in Cubase & other daws as well.

I found out that if using the VST 3.0 version of Slate plug-ins, it solves the problem. But needs to install both VST 3.0 and 2.0 version of Slate plug-ins, solely installing VST 3.0 version will also cause the Cubase Pro 8 crash while quitting.

Glad that I found this out.

I’m having the same issue, and am almost 100% certain it’s the Slate plugs causing the Cubase exit freeze.

Here’s why: I installed a fresh Cubase 8 and went through installing each plugin I use 1 at a time using this sequence to test (install plugin (ie: Fabfilter) → Open Cubase ->Load freshly installed Plugin on a channel → Save As → Close Project ->Quit Cubase).

For all the plugins I installed (Fabfilter, Izotope, PSP, Waves, etc) Cubase would open/function/save/close/quit without issue, UNTIL I installed Slate Digital, and then Cubase would freeze upon Quit (force quit being the only way to exit the app). Slate Digital was the ONLY plugin that caused Cubase to freeze on quit.

I’ve contacted Slate Digital about this, and they claim to be aware of the issue, and are supposedly working on a fix.

You can search all you want for a reason to the “hang on exit” problem in Cubase but there just isn’t one, or not one that anyone has been able to pin point. I was getting that issue long before I bought any Slate plug-ins.

Thing is, it appears to occur sporadically and varies from user to user. Some get it a lot, some rarely, some hardly ever if at all.

I have no idea what causes it but it can happen to any Cubase user regardless of platform, PC or Mac. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here… the only common factor involved is the dongle and elicenser software, that and Cubase itself of course.

Make of that what you will.

I, for one, experience the problem and do not have Slate plug-ins.

Close perfect here.

Have you tried to clean your registry?


I do it quite regularly with Ccleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner. Any other software or method you could recommend?

It does seem to be plugin specific, I just can’t pin point it!

Actually I notice sometimes CP8 will crash on exit and when I check Windows hasn’t released the RAM Cubase was using about 0.35GB - I have seen other people posting this RAM issue. I have to restart Windows.

LOL … Cubase crash on exit seems to be a Steinberg classic along with re-scan plugins twice a year when the clocks change.

I’m used to these quirks now, and it’s not as if other DAW’s are free of bugs let’s be honest.

Still - it would be nice if SB could get to the bottom of why Cubase is susceptible to this issue.

I agree. As long as I remembered to save before closing, this is an inconvenience I can live with.

What bothers me much more are the CPU and ASIO spikes I started getting last week. I used to read others about this, and felt lucky, and now I am another victim. But this is off-topic here.

I had this issue and narrowed it down to Slate Digital VMR.

I contacted Slate support ( with the issue and provided them a crash report. Slate support had me uninstall VMR, and they gave me a link to download an updated version of VMR ( Installing the update resolved the crash on quit issue for me.

I’ve a lot of crashes not just on quiting, but when I’m going to open another project, on OSX…
I had sent a report to Steinberg, but I didn’t get any reply at all…

It’s always been an issue with Cubase and seemingly valid and usable 3rd party plugins. I’ve never had the issue in other DAWs.

Ever since 8.x, I’ve been spared for the first time in years. It’s been a nice run, but alas, is now back to crashing on exit since updating to latest of Waves and Softube. I think it may have been the Softube update, for me, but the updates were installed within a day of each other so I’m not 100% certain. I am certain it was one of the two.

I have a snapshot of before the updates and may investigate.

So annoying.

Update: The Waves StudioRack r7 update was the offender. Reverting to r2 solved the crashes on quit. I suspect (just a hunch) it’s not a true bug in StudioRack, but rather an underlying bug in Cubase that the StudioRack r7 update triggered / catalyzed (perhaps resource-related).

It’s got bugger all to do with Slate plug-ins, or any other plug-ins, and it’s been going on for many years. But, as long as people think they can point the problem to individual plug-ins, the real problem, what ever that is, will never be addressed.

Read Slowly… “hang on exit” in Cubase HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SLATE PLUG-INS, or any other plug-ins, other wise those same pug-ins would cause “hang on exit” with other DAWs, like Pro Tool, Live, Cakewalk, Studio One, FL Studio… etc.

But they don’t, do they?

Did you update the Waves to the new v9.27?

I installed it yesterday and for me it still crashes…