Cubase Pro 8.0.10 STILL crash when quitting

Yeah, that was the one.

But I think it was the new (for me) Softube 2.1.77 that may be the culprit.

I have a bootable backup image, from before 2.1.77 and the new Waves 9.27 update, that I may use to confirm this.

Not sure it would prevent me from installing it. That’s the conundrum; either enjoy plugin bug fixes, or no crashing on exit.

As a Logic, Sonar, Studio One and Reaper user, as well, I can’t help notice that crashing on exit has never been an issue on them, for me.

Update: The Waves StudioRack r7 update was the “offender.” Reverting to r2 solved the crashes on quit.

In my case this problem was caused by Slate VMR
I wrote to support (they pretty much responsive I must say)
It took around 1.5 month
Few days back they’ve sent me the last beta (, and problem is fixed there.
So just wait for VMR update and I think your problems will be solved. Or, write to support, maybe they’ll send you this beta.


I have to hold my hand up and say this happens to me too.

It happens sporadically on my end, but it’s always accompanied with a video error saying it’s trying to shut down the video service. That’s where mine hangs, but again, it’s not consistent.

Not exact but nearly the same here. Crashing from time to time on quitting. But besides that causing nothing. This stupid video bug also still exists from time to time. But for me this is not causing crashes. Also sometimes appears on startup. But there is already another long thread to this.

I’m sure not the cause of the entire problem but replacing with this version helped quite a bit.
Fixed closing / opening projects in my other daws as well. (A new VMR beta version to come next week as well)

Only using Cubase Pro 8 plugins, Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE.

Getting a crash on every single quit.

That’s unlucky, I only get it periodicity, though I’m usually holding my breath when I close a project. However, it’s a hang not a crash. If you wait long enough Cubase will eventually close down.

The big problem as far as I can see is people dancing around blaming their plug-ins, which takes the pressure off Steinberg to address and take the problem seriously. Why should they when it’s peoples plug-ins causing the problem? Nothing to do with Cubase, right??

Yet the same plug-ins cause no such problem in other DAWs. That should speak for itself.

My feelings are this:

Every system has it’s own unique issues with software/hardware. No one resolution works with everything. There are just too many variables.

My newly built system had issues with Cubase crashing at exit among many other things.

BIOS flash fixed that completely. So… I don’t really know what to say.

Every DAW can have it’s own issues with certain hardware or software. Every computer can have it’s own issues with software and hardware.

Yes, there are concerns with any and every software developer, but I find it somewhat naive to blame one thing over another. The only way to know is to figure it out on one’s particular system setup and the software they use together.

I do not ever see the possibility of a day when everything works with everything always.

Just have to find a way to work with what you want in a way that works.

That being said, there are issues that ‘are’ Cubase related. Steinberg as a business are obviously trying to find ways to satisfy their customers and the incredible number of possible software/hardware configurations. We wouldn’t have this complex software if they didn’t.

I often sit in amazement at those that blame the software before their own system. Of all the users of Cubase 8, the few here that complain on this forum must be the minority. I have also complained about issues, but almost all of them have been solved by changing my system or setup of Cubase. Not the software itself. Not all tho…

I could just be one of the lucky ones that has figured out what my personal issues are.

That is not to say that there are not issues.

I am not dogging on anyone and their problems. Just stating how things seem and have worked for me.

Best results wished to everyone. :slight_smile:

For me, it turned out that the Waves StudioRack r7 update was the offender.

Reverting to r2 solved the crashes on quit. I suspect (just a hunch) it’s not a true bug in StudioRack, but rather an underlying bug in Cubase that the StudioRack r7 update triggered / catalyzed (perhaps resource-related).

There are so many posts about this, that I do not know where to comment. In my case, faced with the same problems, I decided to uninstall all of Cubase and start with a clean C8. When I decided to used CC Cleaner FREE to uninstall, I noticed there was also a “repair” option.
With nothing to lose (since I was planning to uninstall) I chose it. It took a couple of minutes doing “something”, and suddenly mi Cubase 8.0.10 started working with no glitches at all!
When some problem reappeared a few days later, I did this “repair” again and since then (fingers crossed!!) all is working well again.
There is obviously something complicated going on, but I think it is not so much a Cubase failing, but, rather, a problem of interaction between so many different OS settings, plugins, etc.

The issue with Cubase crashing upon quoting is less a problem than the constant crashes while working on a project with SSD4 loaded. When I remove SDD4 from a project, Cubase becomes stable again.

The thing I don’t understand is why my system crashes (I assume everyone means “freezes” or “fails to respond”) when I’m only using 100 percent Steinberg software–no external plugins–only the programs that came with Cubase Artist 8. I’ve recorded and played back fairly large projects “dry” with no issues. When effects are added, I start getting into issues. There’s your first hint, Sherlock. My System Monitoring shows no over-runs on RAM or excessive CPU usage. Besides, it’s always been my experience that when a system is reaching its limits, it slows down long before an actual catastrophic failure.

Why hasn’t Steinberg even attempted a fix for this first, and then tackle the problem with third party plugins?? There’s no excuse for this. Otherwise, a great program!


Crashes still occur here as well.
Never installed a single Slate product, just running legit Waves Mercury up to date.
Needless to say c++, graphic/soundcard drivers are also updated.
I was doubting jBridge to be the culprit but even excluding all bridged .DLLs from plugin scan crashes happen.
By the way, I had a chat with a Steiny support guy, very kind but he had no idea on what could be the problem.

I’d give odds it’s a Bill Gates Bloatware issue. I have all the faith in the Steinberg code writers. When they throw their arms up and can’t figure it out, especially when I’m using only Steinberg plugins, you have to look at Microsoft.

I’ve had issues with other programs freezing and discovered it to be an issue with the Windows User Account Control (UAC). The damn thing is too secure to the point of NOT remembering which programs are safe and which are not. The stupid thing even asks me if I want to, “Allow this program (a Microsoft program) to make changes to this computer.”

No wonder the world hates Microsoft! But I digress.

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