Cubase Pro 8.0.40 Update

Ever since 8.0.20, I’ve been really annoyed by the graphics glitches / lags, with virtually every midi note editing.


This issue also has made the time-warp editing literally impossible, Cubase freezes for 10-20 seconds after every two or three tempo line changes. :open_mouth:

Now that 8.0.40 is out, I’ve crossed my fingers and installed 8.0.40.

The good news is, so far time-warp has regained it usefullness, it’s smooth again, and Cubase doesn’t freeze.
Nice fix, appreciation to the team!

There are some more I would like to see fixed (e.g. volume autotmation issue “[BON-14543] 8.0.3 No sound when volume automation below 0db”), which I will check when I get more time, but for this graphics fix alone, I’ll continue using 8.0.40.


I’m disappointed that the Drum Map editor bug, where repositioning a drum lane drops it in the wrong place, hasn’t been fixed. My worry is that is will get fixed for 8.5 updates but not to earlier versions. I would like to see an assurance that it will be…

FYI… 8.0.40 is the last planned update for CB8.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Personally, I’m happy with this update, it fixed the audio crackle when selecting /editing midi during playback. (64 bit Win7, NVidia). I also like the improvements to the Fx rack, with the clear Edit button to open the plugin. As well it closes files and shuts down quicker. I’m sure there are still bugs for some people, but let’s give credit where it’s due!

After 1.5 years and multiple threads, they never could get Cubase 8 to reliably save MIDI Input routings to Disabled Instrument Tracks:

Unless they fix that, I’ll certainly never buy another product from this company.

Yes, enabling disabled tracks has never worked properly, very sad state of play. (expression maps as well)

And if Steinberg don’t stop screwing bolts into damaged threads then I fear for a not so bright future for Cubase.

I don’t accept that it’s ok to leave bugs in place only one - in fact only a half - version behind the current one. If more effort was made in fixing bugs in the first place they wouldn’t get migrated into new versions and this issue wouldn’t arise.