Cubase Pro 8.0.5 maintenance update available now!

Hello all,

Today we have released a new maintenance update for Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8.
This updates addresses various issues in regards to the new window handling on PC Windows systems, especially with plug-ins, which are set to “Always on Top”.

In addition, the following issues have been fixed:

[BON-6574] Fixed an issue where clicking on “Register now…” had no effect (Mac OS X only).
[BON-6652]Fixed an issue where using “Start License Activation” had no effect (Mac OS X only).
[BON-5975]Fixed an issue where changing tempo affected the volume of channels in a VCA Fader Link Group.
[BON-6385]Fixed an issue that allowed VCA Faders to be included in their own Link Groups.
[BON-6626]Fixed an issue where missing input ports caused a distorted sound.
[BON-6085]Fixed an issue that rendered the application unresponsive when Lanes were used.
[BON-6335]Fixed an issue where the automatic Hitpoint detection rendered the application unreliable when large audio files were used.
[BON-6293]Fixed an issue where the song position pointer was left visible on screen when minimising the application window.
[BON-7094]Fixed an issue where the VST Bass Amp plug-in rendered the application unreliable.
[BON-7217]Fixed a latency issue with monitoring when using VST Connect SE 3 in input buses.
[BON-6435]Fixed an issue with wrong user interface scaling on PC Windows systems using high-resolution displays.

As always you can find the update on our downloads section.

Thank you for choosing Cubase!

Best regards,