Cubase Pro 8.5.10 frozen during load with Zoom UAC-2

I just updated to Pro 8.5.10 today. I also just bought a Zoom UAC-2 today…

Anyway, when I go to load Cubase it hangs on “Initializing: VST Mixer” only when the Zoom UAC-2 is connected… The second I unplug it Cubase loads…

Has anyone else had a similar problem with the Zoom stuff or any audio interface? I don’t know if this is a Cubase problem or a Zoom problem. All the drivers are up to date on my Zoom.


When Cubase freezes while VST Mixer is initialized, then it’s very often some plug-in incompatibility. But when it is only if you use Zoom sound card, weird…

Please, make sure, you have the latest Zoom driver installed.

im having a similar issue. when i zoom into a project cubase freezes and stops responding. i have to close it using crtl+alt+dlt. this ony happens when i zoom in to view the track. everything is up to date cubase pro 8.5.30

Hi and welcome,

Did you try Safe Start Mode or Trash Preferences?

After reading your reply i went ahead and trashed preferences and everything is back to normal. thank you very very much.

Your the man !

now the only thing i have to do is go through all the new reloaded default preferences and click and un-click stuff to have my settings back to the way they used to be.

the important thing is that it is fixed now.


If you backed your Cubase Preferences folder up, you can try to copy some files from the trashed one to the new Preferences folder. But be careful, in one of the file there is the cause of the Zoom issue you had. Most important is KeyCommands.xml (I wouldn’t expect the issue here), defaults.xml and RAMPreset.xml files (one of them could be the problematic one).