Cubase Pro 8.5.20 completely broken after clean install

Hi guys,

This is keeping me busy all day and I’m fed up with it, so here goes:

Today I did a complete clean install of Windows 10 Anniversary update (Windows 10 Pro x64 OS Build 14393). From the official Microsoft Media Creation Tool I created a USB drive.
After the clean install of Windows, I installed the full 64bit Cubase 8.5.20. And to be clear, I did the above twice.

Now, even after clean installing, Cubase is totally broken. Either it hangs at the load screen when loading VST2.x plugins like Padshop, or it hangs after opening a template project. No 3rd party plugins have been installed yet, just Cubase Pro 8.5.20 with the additional content from the 9GB installer.

I’ve updated the eLicenser Control Center to the latest version, I’ve deleted the preferences but nothing makes Cubase work!

I’m in desperate need for a solution here, as I need to finish some projects soon.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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A simple thought… everything set to run as administrator?

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Try Safe start mode?

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Have you checked that all your drivers and Windows preferences are the way you had them? As you probably know, on a cumulative update a lot of things get set back to defaults on Windows 10. (like automatically updating drivers)

So maybe it’s a driver issue? Have you checked that Cubase has the right device installed for audio playback before you loaded anything?

Just guessing, because it does work fine on the August Windows 10 update.

HI guys,

Thanks for the suggestions. I finally found out the problem. It was the USB drivers for the USB hub where the USB eLicenser was connected to. Appearantly the standard drivers caused the ELCC to malfunction or whatever making Cubase crash. I updated the drivers for the USB hub and all runs fine again. Pfff, it took me half a day to figure that one out.



Now you know what to look for next time it happens, and believe me we have all been there :slight_smile:

Yep, driver issues. Everytime I update Windows 10 I have to reload the proper drivers for my Highpoint raid card.

Glad you found the problem.

The same problem with the driver, thank you for the suggestion…