Cubase Pro 8.5.20: Latch automation behaviour weird

  1. Latch automation mode (without “fill to end” activated)
  2. On a track with no previous automation, activate automation write
  3. Press play
  4. Move fader and release.

Result: Fader stays at the last value.
Expected: Fader should go back to the start level before the latch OR to previously written automation.

Manual states (p612)
“When no automation data exists for a particular parameter, the starting point of an automation pass is saved as the initial value. When you punch out of the automation pass, it is this initial value to which the parameter will return. This has one important consequence: As soon as the initial value is set, the corresponding parameter is fully automated for the complete track, at any given timecode position of the project – even if your automation pass lasted only 2 seconds. When you release a control, it returns to the value that is defined by the automation curve – even when in Stop mode.”

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