Cubase Pro 8.5.20 missing .msi file

I have tried loading the 8.5.20_update_win on my computer with a valid working Cubase Pro 8.5.15 and get an error which states I am missing the Cubase85_64bit.msi file (or something like this). I am running Windows 7. What am I doing wrong?

Update! I have been able to successfully load 8.5.20 by running the 8.5.15 update file again and then the 8.5.20.

Yes, it seems to be some problem with that update,see my posts here:

No answers from Steinberg yet.

This happens to me too.
The issue appears to be that the installer is searching for the Cubase85_64bit.msi file in a directory that is actually non existent.
Here is how i resolved the issue.

  1. If you not have it anymore download the 8.5.15 update package again as it containes the demanded file.
  2. Extract the 8.5.15 installer package with 7-zip so that you can reach the demanded file.
  3. Extract the 8.5.20 installer package as well.
  4. browse the extracted 8.5.20 Installer package Folder for the Cubase_ 8.5.20_64bit_Update installer and run it.
  5. A window will pop up that will tell you that the Installerpackage for 8.5 could not be found.
  6. on the bottom of this window browse for the Cubase85_64bit.msi file in the extracted 8.5.15 Update installer package and continue the installation. It should now run through.
    After that you can run the setup for 8.5.20 again as it supposed to be and check if anything else needs to be updated as well.

hope this helps

there’s no option for browsing on the bottom of the popup window :frowning: so it didtn’ update again

What file did you use to start the Update? Don’t use the Setup.exe yet. In the Update Folder there is a Cubase_8.5.20_64bit_update.msp file. Use that instead.