Cubase Pro 8.5.3 is now available

One of the employees confirmed ( on gearslutz) this was the last 8.5 cycle update, so I guess the video engine will be provided in a different form (or not at all) for the 8.5 cycle

I noticed this as well. It’s much worse than 8.5.20.

Seriously, this is the best they were able to do in the nine months since 8.5.20?!? Not only were very few issues fixed, but they managed to actually break things as well.

What’s going on at Steinberg? Don’t they care about their customers at all any more?

What’s going on at Steinberg? Don’t they care about their customers at all any more?

It’s all about the £ $ € !

Cubase 8.5 will not make Steinberg/Yamaha money anymore so it takes a complete back seat. Cubase 9 is where the Public Beta testing is now going on after new money has exchanged hands.

Most of the resources were probably put into Dorico support. Still cannot believe how long it takes to fix broken features though as well as show great skill in breaking existing ones.

Yes, I agree completely.

The only reason why Steinberg is behaving this way is because we allowed them to. The army of gullible fanboys on this forum are only making sure that no improvement will ever happen, and if we keep paying Steinberg for 3-4 irrelevant or even destructive UI and 1-2 broken or incomplete new features per update, why should they change anything? Ethics? :slight_smile:

By the way, why has the Issues forum been “reorganized”? So we can no longer easily keep track or even see how little effort they’re putting into their product. I saw no complaints about this, so it’s been accepted by the users.

8.5 is my last Cubase and this is my last post on this forum. I’m out.

Same here. I’ve already started looking for my next DAW.

it’s supposed to have a video engine, I bought Cubase with a video engine…they cannot just take the damn thing away…
anyway…moved to Mixbus 4 and hey, it has got a video engine… :smiley:

I have installed the update but it still hasn’t fixed the ASIO spikes I am experiencing. :cry:


Here’s a fact: I installed Cubase 8.53 on my bootcamp partition running Windows 8.1 and the GUI performs 90% better then it does on the Mac side of the same machine. So… same Hardware different operating system. Steinberg would you please freaking fix the interface issues on Mac! Maybe you diversified way too much and spend all your time on new features and new products? Mac users should be pretty pissed off and be much more demanding of you having spent a great deal of money on your products…like me.

Ok, so we all agree that the bugs weren’t fixed in 8.5 in the final version so Steinberg can make more money by releasing 9 and try to force you to upgrade for a half version of a software, which is insanely greedy. So can anyone confirm that all the numerous bugs and problems with 8.5 have been fixed in 9?
The forums are littered with all kinds of bugs that IF fixed in 9 might make it worth paying money for…
Here is a partial list, feel free to add to it:

  • The dreaded, unsolved “video engine not responding” error
  • Processor spikes when using very few plug ins even with Asio Guard active and a high buffer, spikes cause sudden huge latency until audio engine is reset.
  • crashes on Cubase quit and long delay on file open when program is first launched (around a minute after launching the program when selecting File>Open
  • sudden muting of all audio, no meters working, but other software can play audio fine.
  • when selecting ‘offline processing’ the application crashes in may projects, even when not using plugins
  • general program performance issues, even with no 3rd party plug ins running and no other software running
  • Audio mixdown glitches when variaudio warp was frequently used
  • skinny scroll bars, cycle mode switch button on cycle bar, plug in disable requiring Option key and other awful GUI changes that impede workflow

I have downloaded the trial of Nuendo and found it to be more stable than Cubase, but the price is steep to upgrade.

I guess the other question is wether going to Pro Tools and losing all the functionality in exchange for stability and better support is worth switching?
At this point it’s 6 months and counting and Steinberg still have not been able to solve any of the above issues for me.

I never had those problems you have in pro 8.5, but when testing the 9 pro trial I also got the video engine not responding error. This also happen in elements 9 that i own. I will not upgrade to pro 9 now, but thats mainly because 9 doesnt offer any features I have asked for or need. (Or more CPU efficient as well)

Upgraded to 9.0.2. Crackling stopped. Runs very smoothly now. Better than ever.

I thought I for one had complained about the bug list “reorganization”, it left a very bad taste in my mouth as well.