Cubase Pro 8.5 and rewire

on my win 10 system, freshly installed, cubase pro 8.5 and reason 8.3.2d7(build 6323) won’t work in rewire. Reason should start in demo modus.
Reason won’t start at all in rewire modus. All i see is:

Thats all. Tried it with cubase pro 8. Same.

Tried to rewire cubase 8.5 with reaper 5.1. Reaper starts but does not rewire with cubase at all. Both program run independly.

When running reaper and starting reason 8 in rewire it works like charm.
When running studio one 3 with reason 8 it works, although i can only start, rewind etc from studio one direction.

In the end i see that cubase pro 8.5 ist the rewire problem?


In the steinberg folder btw there is no rewire.dll. where is normally the rewire.dll stored by cubase?
found a folder on my drive c with rewire.dll:

seems this is the cubase rewire.dll?


having the same exact problem with Cubase 8.5 and Reason 9…
is someone from Steinberg can answer how to deal with it?