Cubase Pro 8.5 and UAD-1


after updating from Cubase Pro 8 to 8.5 my UAD-1 Plugins are gone in the new version.
Is the old UAD-1 Software (6.1.0) no longer supported? (Newer UAD Software demands UAD-2)
Is there anyone with similar issues on UAD-1 or anyone using UAD-2 with no problems?

Tahnk you.

UAD2 working sweetly here so far… will give it a deeper workout later today…
Have you checked your plugin paths/manager to make sure cubase is picking them up?

I’m still using UAD1
I see no reason for any change. I installed last night and did a brief check and all seemed OK. I’m pretty sure the project I tested was using a UAD1 plug. I’ll check this evening to verify - as stated it could be a path issue.

The Plugin Manager revealed what you suspected. It was the path setting. Now everything works fine.
Thank you.


Happy to help :slight_smile:

Don’t know about you, but I’m considering getting the UAD2 Apollo Twin USB 3.0 when it finally arrives. It might be a good time for me to move to the latest UAD plugs on 64bit.

Hi AMT, Can you pls. tell me how you got the UAD-1 working under Windows 10? I’m still running W7 (64bit) because of the UAD-1 (I have more that 3000 Euros of plugins running on that card which cannot be transferred to a new card I am told)

I have an modern i7 with 16 GB running Cubase 6.5, and I’m considering going to Cubase 8.5 with Windows 10…


To be honest UAD-1 didn’t cause me any issues when moving to Windows 10 64bit. I went through this on two systems, first when I upgraded Win 7 64bit to W10 64bit on my earlier system and now on a newer system I put together using some components I had spare (see my signature below) with a clean W10 Pro 64bit install. The motherboard, an Intel DX58OG has 1 legacy PCI slot required for the UAD-1 - not many (any perhaps) new boards have these now. On the whole it works well actually - obviously the plugs are 32bit bridged in Cubase.

As regards moving to UAD-2, I believe the plugs you’ve purchased already can be transferred to the UAD-2 when you buy a UAD-2 card/interface. I’ll try and find where this is mentioned on the UA site and post here.

I hope that helps.

Here you go it’s mentioned on the following page:

It is still possible to:

Use your UAD-1 device with UAD v6.1 or lower software
Download your final (static) UAD-1 authorization file
Use your UAD-1 with UAD-2 devices in a mixed system (UAD v6.1 or lower only)
** Cross-grade your UAD-1 licenses to UAD-2 licenses at no charge**

As I said earlier in this thread, I might look at the Apollo Twin USB when it’s available.

Thanks Andrew for your swift reply,

This is great news! I will finish a heavy CD project with a band first, but after that I will boldly go and install Windows 10! I read in several places on the internet that the UAD-1 would never work under Windows 10. I guess that was not true then :smiley:
I have no need to change anything in my setup if I can use the UAD-1 with Windows10, like you I am still fully satisfied with the UAD-1 and I specially built a completely new ‘super’ system this winter, still featuring an old PCI slot on the motherboard.
If everything will turn out fine for me too, I will post good news and the exact specs of my system here aswel (I think that will be around April this year.)

Again many thanks for the information!

In reply to the UAD-1 transfer of licenses; the card was sold to me second hand, including the licenses. The person who sold it to me told me I could not transfer them… I now think he did some trick or something I don’t know about… Maybe he bought an UAD-2 himself and already transferred the licenses but he found out that the old card was still working? I don’t know… But I think I should be happy those cards are stabile as a rock and I can use it still after all those years, the plugins are beautifully analogue :slight_smile:

If you’re performing the upgrade to W10 then you’ll at least be able to revert back to W7 if things don’t work out in your case. Of course it’s important to create an image/backup if you can’t afford any down time. As far as the licenses go then you may not be able move these over to a UAD-2 if you don’t have a My.Uaudio profile. I’ll probably retire my UAD-1 with its stock plugin set to my old DAW.

Cheers :slight_smile:


for everyone still owning an UAD-1 PCI card running UAD 6.1 software:
You CAN run it on Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 8.5 :smiley:
My configuration is:

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming III
CPU: Intel 4970k
Memory: 16GB Corsair
Primary harddisc: 250 GB SSD
Sample harddiscs 2 x 2 TB SATA

The upgrade of both W10 and C8.5 went flawlessly, only the plugin paths of 8.5 needed to be set again… I was stunned, never had such flawless transitions in my life before :slight_smile: So I guess I have to say: Thanks Microsoft, Thanks UAD and thanks Steinberg and of course thanks mr. amt :slight_smile:

Hi borque,
That’s great news and glad it worked out for you too.
It’s certainly extended the life UAD-1 for me until release of the Apollo twin USB.