Cubase pro 8.5 and VST connect SE

Hi all,

I have been using Vst Connect on a couple of occasions and the plug and session went well.

Since then I have fitted an SD in my Mac Pro and had to install high Sierra.
Re installed cubase and other plug ins and all is well.

Now when I try to use VST Connect SE and the plug in loads ok but then just seems to freeze. It won’t allow me enter a name or create a producer key.

If I close the plugin and open again, a number does appear but still the plug in freezes.
Also tried repairing the setup and still not working,

Has anyone else using 8.5 pro had this problem.

My setup is Cubase 8.5 pro, on a Mac Pro 2010, 8 core, 22gig ram, 1TB SSD drive.

Hope this helps
Maybe if I could get a copy of the VST bundle file and VST3 file I could try and replace them


sorry to hear that. Can you please contact me? We’ll get this sorted. Send a mail to : m.spork at

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just one more info: Cubase 8.5 is not compatible with macOS High Sierra. There might be more problems - not only VST Connect SE.
More infos here

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