Cubase Pro 8.5 crashes

Hi everyone,

I think I need to uninstall and reinstall CB Pro due to Windows 10 “error message R6025 pure virtual function call, runtime error - program C:\program files\Steinberg Cubase 8.5\Cubase 8.5 exe.”. The crashes are very frequent and happen during playback or while mixing. If you know of any way how to fix this without uninstalling I would appreciate.

Where do I save the finished project files before uninstall? CB Pro was an upgrade so I don’t have a disk for reinstall. Am I going to pay for the license again if I reinstall CB?

Fxpansion BFD VST drums sometime give me a crash log when CB crashes. No crash logs from CB.
I use UR 22 Mk for audio interface, Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard, Yamaha ASIO, Eastwest VST instruments and VST instruments that came with CB.

Thank you,