Cubase Pro 8.5 for Audio Post Production ?

Hi there,

I’m a Cubase Pro 8.5 user. I’m composing music for TV commercials, series,reality shows etc. I’ve got an offer from director of a TV reality show series that I compose all musics for it. He also want me do all audio post production works for this project.

I did audio post works so many years ago with PT but I don’t have PT in my studio anymore. I’am thinking of buying (cross-grade) Nuendo 7 but ,well, this is one timer work so I want to make sure before spending money :slight_smile:

Do I really need a copy of Nuendo for a reality show audio post production work or Should I do the job in CP 8.5. I can deal with little issues like a video file per projects limitations using video editor etc. But I really want to hear other huge risks from experienced comunity members.

Thanks for your help!

Doin’ not much video so: no idea, but:

It’s one video track per project that can have as many video files on it as you like. Maybe that helps.

I’m just about to finish a 52 episode tv show for kids here. All the music and the audio post was done entirely in Cubase 8. So yes - it definitely works for audio post. Extremely well, if you ask me. There are several little handy tricks (like key commands etc) that you can use when doing post, to speed up the work. And most things you would find in Nuendo or Protools are available in Cubase, although with some limitations. But I’ve never felt I’ve missed anything really.

Also - Cubase has the nice little True Peak/Loudness meter available in it’s mixer nowadays. Very handy when doing stuff for broadcast.

Wow thanks! I didn’t aware of it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It is very helpful for me.

If you are supposed to do a series I would suggest you take the opportunity to invest in the right tools to do the job.
At least Nuendo and a copy of RX, probably a good amount of sound effects samples. Maybe you will need some sort of measurement tool to deliver to the specs. Take your time to learn all that stuff.
I would say that it would be a wise idea to have somebody around who has some experience, because there might be some questions coming up.
If all this feels like “too much” I would refuse to take the job in your client’s but also your interest.

It’s not (only) a question of Nuendo or Cubase.

Just out of curiousity… What makes you recommend him to spend money on Nuendo?

+1, I want to know too. Not because I have doubts, but because I was recently researching post production tools and couldn’t find any good info on the advantages/disadvantages of Nuendo vs. Cubase.

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just in case, it is now possible to crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo at a discounted price:

On that same page you will find the reasons why Nuendo is the most suitable solution for audio post-production.

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