Cubase pro 8.5 Reverb via mixer folders

Hi ,
just installed C Pro 8.5 , can any one explain or is it possible , like in an analogue mixer , Route the Reverb and delays from the Aux ports , to the input of the mixer , so that it can be controlled Via a fader of the mixer ,also EQ the reverb on the said channel to make it more crispy .
Application : fade in Reverb tails etc at the end lines of singers in a song , n fade out as the next line starts , an automate it till Mix down . kinda of a fold back for the Vocals. By the way , i had done this with an old version of Reason.
Also can the round control knobs , in Cubase n VSTi/s be made to look and act as faders , like in a mixer ? ws

Yes, “Add FX Channel” track, load a reverb and set it 100% wet, then route to it from the audio track(s) using sends. This will give you a mixer fader with only the reverb (“return”) signal on it, and you can EQ it seperately using the channel settings of the FX Channel track (the “e” at the top right of the inspector panel).

Thanks , Have to reinstall C 8.5 though , install files corrupted … :frowning: , does the FX channel have an eq on it ? , what i mean is , i wish to eq the reverb effect, then apply it ( Eq ed, Reverb Effx ) to the Vocal track cant check for now … ws

Thanks ws