Cubase Pro 8.5 Upgrade

Hi ,

Cannot down this large file of 9 Gb , best this speeds can do 1 gb at a time ,
I see now the server is back on , but as advised on this forum , i tried Download Manager /s , it keeps stopping , I can now access My steinberg , but just cannot get to Steinberg techinal support email , My Forum support is now completely ignored , now as as i asked for a beak up of Parts of 1/2 gb.

, seen your latest link DVD 9 version still 7 GB ++, with the slow crawling Internet speeds here , i will never be able to down load 7 Gb at a time , not even 3 gb at a time , why not break up the file to 1 gb parts , like its already done with GA 4, add to this problem the server was down etc … what would be so difficult to do that as its already done with GA 4 . i am a good customer having Halion 4.5, n more etc , cubase 6.5 now the update 8.5 that , isnt happening , though i paid in Full , so what should i be doing now ws

HI Trying hard with the Download manager , it keeps getting cutting off , n finally now the steinberg logo says your term expired …links to S Techinal support leads to distibutor in another country , why will they help me , when i purchased thru Asknet , n Ask net emailed me to contact S techinal support , which i tried so many times , its just not there any more … Steinberg Please help me get the C 8.5 which i paid for several days back … thanks ws

Crapped out for me also, heres what I done
use firefox

Thanks Pulpfiction , ill try it , but now , i get messeges my link has expired , no way to contact S Technical Support , n here Steinberg completely ignores my pleas :frowning:

Don’y you have a link to download in your MySteinberg downloads section?

I dont see any links there , Just MY Products , Register elincecer sware , enter download access cose/ Reactivate register hardware. any any way if the server has been serviced etc , the link will not be in the same place again ??? but thanks anyway ws

Just a thought here. Have you installed the full Cubase 8? If you have you don’t need the full installer only the smaller 8.5 upgrade as all the content in the 8.0.

My Friend , i have cubase 6.5 , i purchased the Pro 8.5 upgrade , not a byte of the sale yet , yes i managed to down load the GA4 , as it was broken up in 2 gb parts , n it worked for me , though , it refuses to out put thru my zoom R8 , works otherwise , didnt hear a wimper tone so far… my only suggestion to Steinberg , why not do the same break pu you done for GA 4 , to C pro 8.5 ?? ws

Easy here fella…
Back in the bronze age of dialup, I used a download manager called Getright, I still use it from time to time. Last time I downloaded an 80 GB sample library, so it works just fine. It’s resumable, when IE’s download manager (or other browsers for that matter) wasn’t, because it’s built for this one purpose.
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Even with download manager it can be very difficult. The download servers seem to only allow a certain amount of resumes before cancelling the unfinished download.

There is a download link in this post you can try…I just checked and it’s still live.

Hi , islandmusicpro and Grim , thanks , tried getright too , it starts and then stops saying its a zipped file !!! yes i seen the link , but a 8/9 gb file , will not just work for me … cant get thru S techinal support either … my last option is to light some candles for Steinberg Team :frowning: ws

If your connection isn’t capable of downloading I think your best bet is to try and find one that will…office…school, internet cafe??

You might get lucky with support but you often see people complaining of a few weeks waiting for any response.

Thanks Grim , my internet connection is slow , but it did download 2 gb/s at a time of the GA4 ( 4 parts total ) , i got from the same server … why not just break it up as they did wit GA4 ?

And you are not downloading to a FAT32 or other format drive, that has a limit on file-size ?

FAT 32 , No all my drives are NTFS , on some pen drives FAT may be … ws

Steinberg Team , some where around 15 Feb , i paid for GA4 and C Pro 8.5 upgrade , only got to download the GA4 , as it was a 2 GB break up , which worked for me , i cannot download a file 7/8 gb big , can you please break it up like it was done with GA 4 ?? How many times must i request ? ws

Updating from 8.5 to 8.5.1 and it says it’s 13+ gb size. None of the files are cubase 8 all seems to be Groove agent etc etc. Are they adding so much new samples to those samplers etc etc. Why? Keeping this up with every little update and my SSD will be full due the coming of summer. You know how much ssd costs in macbooks? :imp:

You could PM me for a link.
I have C8.5 on a server, but it is compressed using 7z to save some space, and in 700Mb parts.

Updating from 8.5 to 8.5.1 and it says it’s 13+ gb size

The 8.5.1 update for mac is under 900mb…Not sure what you’re downloading??

I guess you were right all along. I thought that it’s compressed and will be larger installed as this son of a pig installer told me on 2 different mac computers that “you don’t have enough space, space needed was 13,4 GB”. Way to go to make people nervous Steinberg!