Cubase pro 8.5 VST instruments missing !


I watched a lot of cubase pro 8.5 tutorials like how the plugins work. And the tutorials deal with those which are included in cubase pro 8.5 like Groove agent SE, Halion sonic SE, Loopmash, Mystic, Padshop, Prologue, Retrologue, spector.

But I can’t find any of those in my cubase pro 8.5, where should I look for them ? Does the complete version of cubase pro 8.5 include those VST or there is completly nothing in this software ?

Thank you for your anwser !

If you can’t find any of these plugins something went horribly wrong with your Cubase Pro 8.5 installation. Try installing again.

Be sure to download the full version of Cubase Pro from your My Steinberg account (approx. 9.5 GB).