Cubase Pro 8.50 crashing with Motif XS rack

Cubase 8.50 running on a mid 2012 Mac Pro/ 12 core/64 Gigs, solid state drive. OS Sierra.

Cubase has never crashed since I built the set up 3 years ago. All of a sudden it started crashing. I have the Motif XS rack connected via fire wire, and I’m running the Motif editor as a vst. If I use the motif via USB, I have no crashes, and all works perfectly. As soon as I try using the Motif via FireWire, all starts crashing. 1st Cubase, and then the Mac shuts down.

Any one have any knowledge of this issue?


Tato sound like the FW driver issue. Make sure you have the latest driver installed.

Where is the FW Connected on Mac? Is it still the old one with native FWs on the chassis?