Cubase Pro 8 - 64bit Crash at launch


I’ve got a serious issue since I uploaded to V8 Pro. Indeed, Cubase only run in 32 bit. Every time I try to launch V8 in 64 bit mode, Cubase crash at opening (at the moment you have to choose your audio device, it shut down).

When I use the 32 bit mode, everything is fine and work well.

I was previously running Cubase 7 in 64 bit mode and it was perfectly stable. I was wondering if it could be a plug-in problem, but I did a test today relaunching V7 and it still working well (with the same plugs, on the same computer).
So the problem comes from V8…

It pretty irritating cause I paid for the update an I have now poorer performance :frowning:

Anyone ?

Mac book pro 15" (2013)
OS X 10.9.5
Cubase 8.0.10

Anyone ?

Aloha b,

Similar situation here and as you can see (in this thread) it can also happen on the PC Windows platform.

No solution yet.

Good Luck!