cubase pro 8 64bit problem

cubase pro 8 64 bit installed successfully but will not start on windows 7 64bit!
Any suggestions please!!

I suggest you give more information about what is happening!

Watch the initialisation screen.

the installation of cubase 8 update completed successfully
the desktop icon there but does not start on double click.
the process on the task manager does not staying constant.
windows 7 service pack 1 64 bit

I have the same problem.

So when you double click the icon nothing at all happens?

Did you try browsing to the folder and starting it from the exe direct?

Why do I feel like I asked these questions already…is there a duplicate post…or maybe another with the same problem :smiley:

Evangele you should be more specific.
Grim sounds correct try to start C8 from the .exe, if it persists check out which processes open.
If the problem persists take a snapshot of task manager showing processes and post it.
The worst scenario is to re-install it.

Manos. :slight_smile:

Ok !!!
Cubase 64bit does not start from the exe file directly.
I have already reinstall the app from scratch ei 7.5 ,7.5.1,7.5.2,7.5.3 and cubase update 8!!!

You didn’t need to install Cubase 7, or any of its updates, only Cubase 8. Also, have you tried restarting your system and then opening Cubase?

I did restart my pc

Evangelos1 I had the same problem (Grim, that’s why it feels like deja vu to you!)

Do you have another PC where you can install and test it on? That’s what I did and it worked perfectly on that PC.

So what I did was to do the hard thing and reinstall Windows. At first it didn’t start again but after doing all updates on Windows 7 64-bit it started without a problem. So see if you have any updates to do on Windows, install it and then try again.

I did the following without success.
I puchased a brand new wd 2T hard drive I installed a fresh copy of windows 7 with the updates and then the cubase 8 but no joy!!! Still stack!!!
Help please !!!

Do you have the User Account Control feature of Windows enabled? If so, disable it.Then restart your system and try installing Cubase again, preferably with admin permission (right-click on the Start Center icon and choose “Run as administrator”). Hope that helps!

i have the same problem
has anyone had this and fixed it ???

I don’t know if this helps, but I was having a hell of a time opening C8 64-bit on my Mac. I found I could open C8 from a new, fresh, untouched user account.

I can now open C8 64 on my main account, once I got rid of any programs which may be running in the background, or enhancing the OS in any way (I had a virtual machine for running Win apps, Adobe CC, workflow enhancer, etc).

no joy there also

Just to avoid confusion. I see from another thread that in fact Tony H’s problem is not really the same as Evangelos (the OP)

In his case Cubase is attempting to start and then crashing with an error message.

I would suggest this thread is kept relevant to the OP and his particular problem while Tony’s different issue is addressed in his own thread cant open c8 pro - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

think i may have the fix… stay tuned…
it may just be a windows driver .
i dont use the sp 1 … r 2 or 3…
may well be this
i tsted my wifes windows 8.1 and bingo it opened…

obtw Grim it is relevant to post on here and share or pool ideas …
thats what a forum is for is it not ?

obtw Grim it is relevant to post on here and share or pool ideas …
thats what a forum is for is it not ?

Of course it’s good to share ideas…but it’s also only fair to the OP to allow discussion of his specific issue without the thread being confused by mis-describing your own different problem as being the same thing.

I agree. It makes it easier to find a solution for those experiencing the same problem.

And ALWAYS install your drivers and update Windows with the latest patches, after a fresh installation, but BEFORE installing your software. Also, turn off UAC during this process as it causes some software to not install correctly, if at all. You can turn it back on after you’re done (though I prefer to leave it off).

we both have our problem fixed …
two minds working as one and thee help of PM.
so i believe in this case it was good to merge two posts with the same problem … the fix was the same …
cheers guys