cubase pro 8 and then 9 takes 30 seconds to close project

I recently got a 2014 iMac fully loaded… 4.0 32GB RAM with sierra
I m using Cubase 8… which I like and am happy with the version.
Everything else works well… opening is normal, closing is normal, after the project is closed. But every time I close a project, the rainbow wheel starts turning, and it takes around 30 seconds to close. it doesn t matter if I open the program and close it right away, or work on it and save major changes.
Since the rainbow wheel pops up, I m guessing it s a Mac thing. the only thing I could think of was closing the time machine program in Mac, but that didn t make a difference.

I sent this message to costumer service and they told me to upgrade to 9… big surprise.

I upgraded to 9 with no improvement, or change. Watching the activity monitor to see if anything is causing a problem. I see that cubase shows “not responding” after about 15-20 seconds. Still takes about 30 seconds to close a project.

Anyone have this problem before? I’ve seen people have problems with opening and closing the program, but not projects.