Cubase Pro 8 and Windows 8.1

Hi guys.

I use a Windows 7 64-bit based Daw and is really rock solid on both Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8 (except for “famous” bugs).

I was thinking to do a clean install of Windows 8.1 to update my system.

Have you some reviews or experiences switching the same system from Win7 to Win8.1?

I personally find it even best on W8.1…

cubase 8.0.0 64bits & windows 8.1 64bits here = no problem :wink:

Same here. Two systems.

so i guess i finally upgrade wo Win 8.1 weeeeeeeee

Same here and you get the added benefit of Windows 8.1 being much more efficient so works even better than on 7

Same here! Enjoy the ride!!


Thanks so much!

Tryin’it as soon as i can :smiling_imp:


I start to think to go with Win 8.1 … but which one : Windows 8.1 regular, professional or Enterprise ?

ps: it’s for PC & not for laptop !

Just one gotcha I tripped up on moving from 7 to 8.1: you can’t use the legacy firewire driver because MS haven’t signed it for 8.1. This will probably only be an issue for you if you use a Yamaha N12/N8 and/or a MOTIF XS/XF on a firewire connection and need the legacy driver for resolving latency/stability issues.

Being considering this myself for a new build.8.1 it is.I think pro has more stuff designed for office networks etc,Not too sure though