Cubase Pro 8 compatibility

Hi, I am using Cubase iC Pro with SKI Remote and Cubase Pro 8.0.5 on a MacBookPro i7. Cubase iC Pro is almost compatible with Cubase Pro 8 but I observe an issue with the Cue Mix View:

I have three cue mixes and select Cue Mix 1 in iC Pro. The channel faders and buttons correctly controls the corresponding channel in the cue mix. But the most right master fader and buttons controls the third cue mix instead of the first. Also the channel name corresponds to the wrong third cue mix. It seems that there is a shift:

selecting cue mix 1 -> controlling cue mix 3.
selecting cue mix 2 -> controlling cue mix 1.
selecting cue mix 3 -> controlling cue mix 2.

Although Cubase iC Pro is officially not told to be compatible to Cubase 8, will there be a fully compatible version of Cubase iC Pro or the SKI Remote component soon?


The problem isn’t solved with Cubase iC Pro and SKI Remote Steinberg doesn’t reply to my support request for months.

Does anyone else have this problem (Mac OS X and iOS)? Is there a solution?

I would like to use iC Pro as a headphones mixer for my singer and it would be great if it is possible to control the correct master volume (so the balance between playback / VSTi and direct monitor signal of the microphone).

Thank you for any replies

After years, I found a solution: I had to rebuild my control room set-up from scratch and the the cue mixers of the SKI Remote works correctly.