Cubase pro 8 CONSTANTLY no sound after start up


I am using dual e5-2670v2 processor, 64gb RAM, RME UFX soundcard.

Whenever I tried to create new project or open up the project, 9 out of 10 times there’s always no sound…not hang but just no sound.

Not only that, it cannot quite the program and I have to force quit it using task manager EVERY SINGLE TIME

Revert back to 7.5 and everything is SOLID even after 10 hours of use…not a single hang/no sound/crash

Very disappointed with this update

Hopefully can be resolved soon as I really want to make use of the new feature but with bugs like this…speecdhless


After I enable Steinberg Power Scheme & tick OFF ASIO GUARD, everything works fine.

No more muting.

But i thought ASIO GUARD supposed to help but not giving trouble…wondering why

and how do you go about enabling the Steinberg Power Scheme to turn it off I have the same problem