Cubase Pro 8 does not work without Aero Themes in Windows

Hello. I I bought update from cubase 7.5 to cubase 8.0
First start of the programm disappoint me. I have Windows 7 64 bit.
Usually i use simple theme in windows without any special effects. I think You know, why I’m doing it.
The programm does not work in this case


yes, it doesn’t work without desktop composition enabled / Aero. This is reported in the system requirements:

It was recommended to have Aero and destop composition enabled also with Cubase 7.5 as disabling these options negatively affected the performance on Windows 7.

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Oh, I See. Thank You for The Answer.

That’s a pretty big change IMHO. At the very least, I think this requirement should be much more prominently displayed than a *** footnote.

My DWM composition IS on and Cubase still gives me the above error message. Any thoughts?

Hello mdorren,

we have a KB article about this now:

Hope it helps.

Thanks Fabio… Now… If only I could get my activation key emailed to me…

Got it sorted out… spam filter… thanks. Happy Holidays