Cubase Pro 8 doesn't remember VST Outs


Since I updated the RME drivers to 4.0.7 and Cubase to 8.0.20,Cubase doesn’t remember the VST Outs 1-2
Even after save the template,the project and while Cubase is open and closing and re-opening the project I have to correct the vst connections.

Any ideas?

Win 7 64 SP1
RME 9632

I work with a pretty similar setup like you. My VST Outs were all messed up after closing the project but the reason was a general, constant crash of Cubase 8 after shutting down projects. Since that was fixed with 8.0.20 all works well.


Are you using Studios (Control Room)? The Monitor 1 from the Studios, should be your main output. If you connect the same audio port to the Monitor 1 and Output bus, the Monitor 1 is always kept.

Since Cubase 8.0.20, this is new - Control Rool is not overwritten by Output buses anymore.

Thanks for your advices.
Yep the control room seems to work different now.
I used to have it enabled and after disable it my RME vst outs are now remembered.