Cubase Pro 8+HALion Sonic SE as a "sound module" for Live?

My apologies in advance if this is not the correct place to ask this question, I’ve searched all over the boards but can not find where this question has been asked before.

My question, is it possible to configure Cubase Pro 8+HALion Sonic SE as a Multi Timbral sound module to use in a live performance setting?

I understand how to setup a multi-timbral rack instrument or track instrument, no problem with that. Also, assigning programs to the 16 individual slots, assigning Midi Channels to those slots, assigning “tracks” to those slot instruments, etc – all this is working no problem.

Here is my issue:

From my controller keyboard I am able to transmit on different Midi Channels, also I have 4 separate Midi Outputs. With my other external gear, I’m used to being able to assign patches to a certain Midi Channel and then, from my controller keyboard, I decide which Midi Channels I want to send data on, usually by muting/un-muting a layer or zone assigned to a particular Midi Channel. All my external gear then plays patches only when Midi data is received on that specific channel; and only the corresponding patch assigned to that Midi Channel is played.

I am trying to figure out if this same thing is possible with Cubase+HALion Sonic SE? Maybe it was never intended to be used in a “live setup”?

For instance, if I have a HALion Sonic SE Multi configured with a Piano assigned to Midi Channel 1, a Rhodes assigned to Midi Channel 2 and Strings assigned to Midi Channel 3… I would like to play these patches based on which Midi Channel I output from my controller keyboard into the computer.

However, what I am seeing in my setup is the following…

  1. In order to hear any sounds from Cubase+HALion Sonic SE, I must have a track (or multiple tracks) selected/highlighted within Cubase.

  2. Regardless of which Midi Channel I output from my controller keyboard, that incoming Midi data is sent to the currently selected track; then whatever Midi Channel that specific track is set to within Cubase, the corresponding instrument plays in HALion Sonic SE. For instance, within Cubase if i select a track that is assigned to Midi Channel 4, then no matter what Midi Channel I output from the controller (Midi Channel 4 or any other Midi Channel), that selected track assigned to Midi Channel 4 will play the sound assigned to the corresponding instrument in HALion Sonic SE.

  3. If I select multiple tracks in Cubase, then the Midi data that is output from my controller is fed to ALL the selected tracks in Cubase; also ALL the sounds play, those that match the Midi Channel on which I am actually transmitting, as well as any other active sounds in the VST instrument.

If seems as if regarding “incoming Midi Data” Cubase+HALion Sonic SE treats all the channels the same, is this true?

So if it’s not possible what I’m trying to do, I can understand that – chalk it up to a limitation of the intended design of the software.

However, if it is possible what I’m trying to do, any help with my configuratio/setup would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



It is possible.

You can use the Input Transformer for that.
It comes with some midi channel filtering presets which are useful in scenarios like yours.

If your piano is set to channel one Set up the input transformer to pass only channel one. It will filter out everything else, so when you change midi channel on your keyboard to channel 2,3,4… it won’t receive any signal.

Do this for all your tracks.
Don’t forget to actually turn the input transformer module on (I often do), only selecting a preset is not enough. The module button needs to be blue.

@misohoza, Thanks very much, this is exactly what I needed!